AR Moment of Zen

And then this week, when I have no time to write whatsoever, Amazing Race is chock full of great quotes.

First, not a quote, but let me say that I can't stand the Weavers and their sour grapes. No one wants to be friends with them (and every clip of them expalins why - they're constantly complaining, negative, and rude to the other teams), yet they're constantly shown whining, "No one likes us." And then saying "We wouldn't want to be friends with them anyway," "No way, we're better than that."

I wonder (and often wonder when watching reality tv) whether they'll end up watching this and saying, "Wow, we're really worse than we thought, maybe we're the ones who should change." But I guess the same people who can misbehave in this way on television and blame it on everyone else probably just won't ever get it. (And, it's different from reality tv contestants who are purposely misbehaving for some kind of notoriety - The Weavers seem to be genuinely perplexed about why nobody likes them.)

Anyway, now for the quotes: There were many many to choose from this week, so first, here's a runner-up:
Weaver Mom: "Utah is the Mormon state."
One of those annoying kids: "Aah! No wonder..."

WTF? Did anyone get this? Is it possible that there was more to this quote that we didn't see or hear?

And... the winner is... Your Amazing Race Moment of Zen:
This quote is from the Linz Family (referring to The Weavers, that annoying Florida family):

One Linz: The wicked witch of the east and her 3 little monkeys.
Another Linz (imitating the Weaver mom): Those Linzes are just nasty!
Third Linz: Someone's gonna come and drop a house on her head.


  1. You're right on about the Weavers. It was unbelievable how whiny they were tonight. After an amazing helicopter ride and ski jump, they still couldn't find anything good to say about Utah -- let alone the other teams.

    In earlier episodes, it looked like CBS was editing the show to make the Weavers appear negative and controversial. Now it seems that's just the way they are.

  2. I've been wondering too if it's just the editing.

    But, although editing could take out any clips of the Weavers saying anything nice, it couldn't put in all their negative comments if they weren't making them.

  3. Did I hear right that one of the Linz boys called the two Weaver girls "Beaver butts"?

    Haha. They do need to wear bigger shorts though. If they win, perhaps a new wardrobe. As my friend said about the Weaver girls' clothes: Even Jesus would be ashamed, and he hung out with hookers.

  4. Oops, sorry, not "hookers", "prostitutes". Had to make sure I was correctly quoting...

  5. Oh, I missed the butt comment! Too bad I don't have it saved.

    We'll have to see if TWOP mentions it. I haven't been reading their recaps this season, but I don't think they'd miss a comment like that.

  6. Oh, wait, "Weaver" rhymes with "Beaver." Maybe I thought they were calling them the Weaver Butts?

    Not half as funny.