Turn Up The Miracle Ear

I made the boyfriend go with me to see In Her Shoes.

Actually, I tricked him into it. Ladies, take note. It was about 6 p.m. on Sunday night. We were sitting around, probably doomed to another night of football. I said, "Hey, want to see a movie?" He said, "Ok." I went to the website and read off a list of movies.

"What's that?"
"I don't know, Bend it like Beckham girl."

"Never heard of it."

"Isn't that just Panic Room on a plane?"
"So, no. Next?"

This went on, alphabetically, until...

"In Her Shoes?"
"Chick flick."
"Does that mean no? It starts at 6:20, we could make it..."
"Can't you see that with some girl friends?"
"I guess. Ok, I'll keep reading."

Finally, I got to...

"Wallace and Grommit?"
"Sounds good! When does it start?"
"Perfect, let's go."

So, we put on our shoes and jumped in the car. We got to the movie theatre and the boyfriend bought 2 tickets for Wallace and Grommit.

We took our tickets and tried to walk into the theatre.

"Sorry," the ticket taker said, "theatre's not empty yet. Come back in 10 minutes."

We hung out in the little food court/arcade area for about 10 minutes, bought some popcorn and soda, and then went back to the ticket taker.

"Sorry," the ticket taker said, "We're not showing that movie tonight."


"You can get your money back in that line over there." She pointed to a long line hanging out in front of the ticket stand.

We walked over to the line and chatted with the people standing around for a few minutes. It turns out that the threatre had booked too many movies for the same time - and Wallace and Grommit was the one to be cut. The people had been standing around for ten minutes - and the ticket booth kept selling tickets for it, even as the manager was giving refunds.

We stood around for a few minutes, and finally, I said, "Well, let's just see In Her Shoes, since we're here."

And ta-da! That's all it took.

The movie was pretty good. Cute, funny.

The only downside was that it attracted the Shirley MacLaine crowd. (Also known as the crowd that stalks APL at the movies.)

Some grandma a few rows behind us kept asking,

"What did she say?"
"Can you hear her?"

Despite everyone in the theatre (yes, that means me and my boyfriend) "Ssssh!"-ing her, it continued.

"It's so cold in here."
"Do they have the heat on at all?"

And, then, obviously not getting the movie at all.
"They're sisters?"
"Is that their mother?"
"Who is that?"

Even in the bathroom, after the movie, I heard her saying, "Were they sisters?"

(And no, for the record, I was not at the movies with Fresh Pepper.)


  1. hahahahahahaha. I'm sorry for your experience.

    On the plus side, if I ever have time to go see Domino in the theater, I'm sure those ladies won't be there. They don't flock to Chris Walken movies...

  2. domino sullied the good name of suck. Do not GO

  3. Where are the quotable quotes from last night's Amazing Race?

    I liked, "Do you speak English"
    Reply: "A little"
    Daughter: "Burrito!"

    Again, thanks to the Weaver family.

  4. I also went and saw In Her Shoes. Couldn't convince my husband to go, so I took my mom. We were the youngest people in the theater by at least 30 years!

    I thought the book was great and for some reason expected it to be a younger crowd, but you're right it must have been Shirley McLaine that attracted...

    Decent movie -- even better book...

  5. Hehe - Sure, you weren't with Fresh Pepper.

    When I saw Sideways, we were the youngest people by like, 30 years. My law school dean was sitting three rows behind us, so I felt like I had to behave.