Thanks For Your Support

I lost my trial. It was ok, I knew that was a long shot, but my client and I thought it was worth a trial. I wasn't too upset by the result, I was kind of expecting it, and I thought that we gave it a good shot.

After, I called my mother and told her about the verdict.

"Guilty, mom."
"But did he really do it?"
"Well, maybe. Probably. But that's not the point. I thought there were some good issues-"
"Good then. If he really did it, that's good then, right?"
"Um... I guess it depends on how you look at it."
"So, congratulations! That's good!"

Nah, she doesn't get it.


  1. Sorry. :-( At least you gave it a shot. Make the government do its job, and all that.

  2. Sorry bout the news Blondie. I'm sure you gave it your best and hopefully the client is happy with that.

    Oh and you're not along. My parents don't always get it either.

  3. Okay....I meant Alone not Along. I have big fingers, what can I say?