Strange Dream

I had the strangest scary dream last night... I was late for my first day of high school. I didn't have a schedule, I hadn't taken a shower yet, I didn't know how I was going to get there...

I loved high school, but I really hate being late for things or not knowing what's going on.

That awful feeling of being late and lost, not enough time to do what you need to do, not even sure what you should be doing? It can only mean one thing...

I'm panicking about trial prep.


  1. For years after I graduated, I had nightmares about going back to high school because they found out I was missing a few credits and didn't actually graduate. All my late-for-class, unprepared, not-wanting-to-get-caught anxiety would come back.

    These dreams finally subsided when I got my bachelor's degree. Ever since, I have nightmares about cutting so many of my college classes that I don't know if I've missed an exam, and it being to late in the semester to officially drop the class.

  2. I often just have "unprepared" dreams - I'm going to a formal, and realize I'm dressed in jeans... I'm going to take the bar and I realize I never studied.

    It usually means I need to buckle down and work on something that is totally overwhelming me.

  3. Yeah I had a dream like that last night. I have a jury trial going tomorrow that I'm prepping for today and in my dream., I was getting married. But the trial was going to be held right before the wedding ceremony so everyone involved in the trial was going to the ceremony/reception and vice versa. I was even oing to do the trial in my wedding dress.