On Being Ogled

Fine, every other blogger wants to talk about being leered at and checked out?


Here's my story.

This morning, I went to the jail to visit a client. After my visit, I was headed out, when a group of inmates were being walked by. A corrections officer asked me to step to side and let the men pass.

And all 8 men had something to say:

"Man, I wish you was my lawyer."
"Damn, you hot."
"Where can I get a public defender that fine?"
"You so fine, I'd wait for you."
"Girl, you look good."
"Whoo baby!"
"Can you be my lawyer?"
"Baby, want to come back to my cell?"

Top that. Who else has ever been propositioned eight times in a minute? And invited back to someone's cell?

Yeah, you know you can't top that.


  1. Admit it, you blushed didn't you?

  2. Sounds like just another date to me! :)

  3. I had a kid ask me, "So, when I get out, you wanna start somethin'?" I always thought that being hit on by an incarcerated 16 year old with a line that started, "...when I get out..." was the best line ever, but no one ever asked me back to their cell. That totally wins.

  4. I went to a jail once, and I got yelled at a lot, but none of it was very flattering.

  5. Your posts reminded me of last weeks Desperate Housewives when Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) gets harassed horribly everytime she walks into the prison to visit her husband.

  6. Well, I actually had a female client start to run her hand up the inside of my leg/thigh. That interview ended very quickly.

  7. Long time ago when That Lawyer Dude was a "Leeeg aide lawyer" We had regular runs of Prostitution clients. TLD was regularly flashed in the holding cells by both the women and the transexuals and offered "freebies."
    Now a proposition from a frustrated horny incarcerated guy is nothin. But a freebie from a working girl (or girl/guy) THAT is sayin' something!!

  8. Believe me, I'm not getting close enough for freebies, flashing or any hands on my thigh!

  9. I had a guy ask me if I was a model. Now, mind you, I'm barely five feet tall and not at all model-worthy. But, maybe cause of the firm I work for they thought if they flattered me I'd charge them a reduced fee.

  10. I have compassion for those in jail which allows me to do this job...but I just want to be snide when clients do this. Like, "what did your mother teach you, anyway???" Which, of course, does get to the crux of the problem...