Make That 33 Years...

Have you seen this story on ESPN?

I don't know what I'd do in that situation. I know I just told AmbImb that most things are your client's call, but I don't know about this situation... I might have to request a psych exam, just to make sure my client is making the request sanely.

This story also doesn't say how old the man is. Maybe if he's pretty old, he figured 30 or 33 years doesn't make a difference, it'll mean life for him anyway.

I think that on the next case, the defense attorney should say, "I know we worked out a deal for 30 years, but my client just informed me that his favorite player is Michael Jordan. Can he have 23 years instead?"

Or, better yet, my next patronizing a prostitute plea...

"60 days judge? My client says he'd prefer if you'd give him a 69!"
" sentence."

Ha! I crack myself up with my immature humor. (I learned it from the guys in my office though, I swear!)

(Update: This story states that the man is 27-years-old. And that in Oklahoma you must do 85% of your time before being eligible for parole. So, we're talking about the difference between 25.5 years - if you don't include jail time while he waited for trial, he'd be 52 when he becomes eligible for parole versus 28.05 years and he'd be 55 when he's eligible for parole. In other words, the 3 year difference is not imaginary, it'll cost him about 30 months.)

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