Happy Birthday, Libra

I don't keep in touch with my best friend from high school and most of college.

"Not keeping in touch" isn't really an accurate description. She just decided that she was never speaking to me again.

She thought that I didn't keep a secret that I should have. But I know that I did. In the end, she believed a boy more than she believed me.

Today is her birthday. Whereever she is. (Her name is just too common to reveal anything worthwhile on google., I tried.)

So, maybe every year on October 17th, I'll miss her. Wonder if I could have done more to persuade her to believe me. Or forgive me. Or something. Wonder what would happen if I called her now. My guess is that her phone number just wouldn't work (if I could even remember it - I bet I can). Wonder if she's married, or has kids, or moved far away, or did something amazing with her life. I probably would've heard about it through hometown gossip. Wonder if I really am better off without a friend who chose to believe some guy she knew for a few months over me, her best friend for years. Wonder if she thinks of me on my birthday (I bet she does, she has an amazing memory and probably can't forget it if she tried to).

Wonder if she ever thinks about picking up the phone and calling me, but then just decides it would be too hard, or it's just been too many years. Or maybe she tried, and my old phone number doesn't work either.

There's no real point to the post. I guess if there were, it would just be that if there might be someone out there wondering about you, it might be worth it to pick up the phone and give it a try. You really don't have much to lose.


  1. To be fair, so do my grandparents...They're 77.

  2. I think that comment was probably in response to the previous post (TV Guide Demographic.)

  3. Sometimes people do stupid things because of their private life and the person they're with. Maybe she's now believed you for a long time but never dared calling you, though you wouldn't want to hear from her...I guess the best way to find out is to try and talk to her. Just as you said, you don't have much to lose.

  4. I haven't spoken to my best friend from college and law school since 1997. I wrote her a letter two years ago. It was never returned and I never got a response. I know they know about me, since my college was small and people talk. I just wish I knew about them. It hurts sometimes, and reading your post made me sort of sad.

    I guess I have to chalk it up to just another chapter in life.