Geography Lesson, Amazing Race Style

Choice quote from last night's amazing race:

(The NASCAR-Widow-and-her-kids family)
"Where's Washington D.C.?"
"What state is it in?"
Mom (looking at map): "We're going to Maryland!"

I'm pretty sure that mom said something geographically clueless last week too, but I can't remember it exactly. (I think it was something like, "Pennsylvania? Is that a state?")


  1. Isn't it amazing how clueless they are, and yet they finished FIRST?? We've been having a little fun at the expense of the Weavers, too (check our site ;)

  2. It is quite amazing. I can't believe they said that--most people assume the opposite:

    People have said the following to me when I say I am from Washington.
    Washington? How's living on the East Coast? Then I have to correct them. No... Washington state!

    If you watched other years, you will understand how bored I am with the show right now. Check out my page, and Seriously? (link on my page) for more AR banter...

  3. Yeah, didn't you know Washington D.C. is in Maryland.

    I'm sure those crazy Nat's fans would love to hear that.

    Hey, speaking of which, how about those Yankees?