Fantasy Baseball Recap

So, Fantasy Baseball season is over. I want to thank everyone for playing, I hope that you had fun, and congratulate Habeas my Corpus, who took first place with quite a lead.

I thought about posting the final standings, with links to each manager's blog, but in some cases I don't really remember who is who. If you want to leave a comment, I can try to do that. (Or, if you're too embarassed by your final ranking, I understand that too.)

I came in 5th place. Not too bad considering I was ranked last for a while. Also, you know, it'd be rude for the host not to let one of her guests win. Yeah, that's it.

I was also playing in another league, where for the first time in 3 years I did not finish first. Instead I finished 4th. It was also my first season playing in two leagues, which was a little confusing at times.

But, now, I'm afraid I won't have enough to do with my mornings. Usually checking my email and my fantasy baseball line-up was the first thing I did when I got to work. Maybe I'll actually have to start calling my clients back. (Just kidding! I call them back, I just don't always call their lawyers back.)

So, again, thank you to everyone who played, I hope you had fun, and let's plan on doing it again next year! (Except, next year, I get to win!)


  1. Thank you :) For the first time I won a fantasy baseball league - and it wasn't easy! Just like the "real" season, it came down to the wire... Thanks to all that played, let's do it again next year!

    Yeah, you can post my standings :p

  2. Sorry... last year I was really into fantasy baseball, but this year I just kept forgetting about it. At least I provided an ego boost to everyone else.

  3. Nobody ever bought me a beer. Well, somehow I raised in the ranks to number two. Now will someone buy me a beer?

  4. You can post the rankings. This was my best performance of the 3 leagues I was in. (3rd Place).

  5. Curtis, I think you overtook me for first place at one point late in the season, didn't you? I was SO pissed that day :D

  6. Well, I got at least one vote for "don't reveal me," so I'll open up the comments to claiming your team and your ranking.

    Obviously, Gideon was the manager of Habeas My Corpus, the first place team.

    Curtis of Buy Me A Beer was number two.

    Cookie monster? A dismal 11th place out of 11. Better luck next year!

    And me? I'm blonde justice, manager of Caught Stealing, and I took 5th place.

    Anyone else want to take credit where credit may be due?

  7. I am the manager of Making Outs, and I plummeted to 7th place. One day I was tied for first. That was before Javy broke his hand, before Brian Roberts retreated back into anonymity, before Matt Clement got knocked in the head, before JD Drew sat out the rest of the season, etc etc. Thank you, Jon Garland, for at least making me look respectable.

  8. As the manager of the CA Landsharks I just want to take this moment to say...THIS LEAGUE WAS FIXED FROM THE BEGINNING!!! was fun and actually my first baseball league. Unfortunately my team sucked the big one but I'll be ready for next year!

  9. No way! If I fixed it, I would've won! Of course!

    Although, I guess, for you all know, maybe "gideon" and "curtis" and I are all one person. One reallllly prolific blog writer. With some sort of split personality disorder. Hey, it could happen.

    But maybe next year I will fix it... yeah, that'd be better.