Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member

I was looking through this list of the new google features and affiliate websites (google groups, personalized search, etc.). One of them was "Orkut."

Orkut. Sounds like some kind of Swedish Ikea version of google.

Apparently, though, it's the google version of friendster.

I went to the website, just to check it out, and... guess what... they won't have me as a member.

Not that I really wanted to join. It's not like I ever joined friendster or anything. I've got enough friends right here. I don't even have time to keep in touch with the friends I've already got.

But just the fact that I'm not even allowed to join kind of annoys me.


  1. I guess you can join with an invite. Someone invited about a year ago, I guess. I don't remember because I never visited the site. I just cancelled my membership at the beginning of the semester because all I ever got from it was creepy pyramid scam spam.

    So don't feel bad. That site will be totally defunct in another year and you'll be in good shape because you'll have one less place where all your personal info is out there for spammers to grab.


  2. As a member of Orkut, I can say that it has effectively become nothing more but a "Friendster" for Brazilians. Weird, but true.