Amazing Race Moment of Zen

After dinner, I turned on my computer and checked my email, blogged, read other blogs, and read the news while I watched Amazing Race.

With just ten minutes left to the episode, I turned off my computer, turned off the light, and laid down to watch the end of the race.

Just seconds later, I heard the following:

One of the Nascar kids: "Lake Ponchertrain."
Another Nascar kid: "Wow, it's really big."

Nascar widow, very knowingly, "It's one of the five great lakes."

All Nascar kids: "Oh."

I had the lights on and my computer on and loading up before I even had a chance to rewind to make sure I heard it right.

And two things make it worse: (1) I think this is the same family from the Washington, D.C./Maryland quote from last week; and (2) Somewhere in heaven, their father is looking down on them and saying...

"Damn, I left her in charge of teaching the kids geography?"


  1. I laughed out loud when she told her kids it was one of the Great Lakes. You are right, she also made the other geographical comedy that keeps the show going. I wonder what would happen if they actually left North America. Maybe the Weaver family is the reason they are staying state-side (and Canada according to rumors).

  2. I laughed too...

    Although, I am rooting for the widow team. I don't like how the Louisana team was getting happy thinking about how bad it would be for the widow team to go to Talledega. Geography knowledge or no, losing your father the way they did must be difficult to deal with. Good thing TV is exploiting their loss for my entertainment.

    Also, big ups for the team with the two young children and the Cincinnati team.

    Who Dey!

  3. Now that the race is out of the US, is anyone else rooting for the Florida family to lose just to minimize the damage they will undoubtedly do to the reputation of Americans abroad?

    Week in and week out they disprove the hypothesis that TAR may be one of the few reality shows that actually rewards intelligence.