The Law Firm

I tried to watch the latest episode of The Law Firm (now on Bravo), but my tivo cut out about halfway through for some reason. (I think maybe the power went out.) So, what happened?

This was the one where the African-American woman was complaining about damage done by the Latino kids or teens in her neighborhood, but then she pointed to dents or dings that were pretty much invisible. And, truthfully, she came off as a little crazy.

Then, they went into court and decided to spring a harassment/stalking/civil rights kind of claim on the defendants and abandon the original property damage claim. Then, they put the plaintiff on the stand... and she was just terrible. She was asked three times what the defendants did to threaten her and she responded, "Well, their dog pooed on my lawn," and other irrelevant things before she finally came out with, "And they said they would 'off' me."

Now, really, if someone said they'd "off" you, wouldn't that be the first thing you'd mention? Before you mention the "poo" on your lawn?

This is the kind of case, I suspect, that if the plaintiff really walked into your lawfirm looking to sue, you'd at some point tell her, "We're not really taking this case to trial. Either we can look for a little settlement if that will make you feel better, or you'll just have to let it go." But, we can't all pick our clients. Well, I know I can't.

It was looking like a loser of a case. But I would think that the producers would have realized that... So, what happened? Is anyone recapping this show anymore? I know Ditzy Genius was, but now she can't because she doesn't get Bravo. Anyone else? I'll even offer up a deal - you recap this last episode, I'll get the next one. Any takers?


  1. I don't know exactly which episode you're looking for, but may this web site can help you.

  2. This episode was horrible. The plaintiff lawyers thought that by surprising the defense lawyers at trial they could win this case. Unfortunately it takes a little bit more preparation than to just point a finger at someone and say "they called me the N word".
    You seem to have watched most of the show, so here's what I remember of the trial.
    Olivie gave opening statemnt for the plaintiff. I'd give him a C+ for his efforts. He used the "N" word a few time to try to shock the defense, it seemed to work too. Mike opened for the defense, he seemed a little pissed off during his opening statement that the trial had taken this early twist, but his anger came off passionately and the did a good job of pointing the finger back at the plaintiff. That guy is cocky but most trial lawyers I know have a tough time fitting their head through a doorway anyway.
    The first witness for the plaintiff was the black woman (sorry I can't remember her name). She was directed by Aileen, who did a horrible job. She couldnt get her to answer any question that would help prove any damages. She ended up just giving up. Cross was done by Deep, to be honest I don't even remeber anything from this, so it must not have been that good. The defense called a neighbor as a witness and Chris questioned him about a tape that he saved on his anwering machine, but was unable to get the tape introduced as evidence. Chris was reduced to begging the judge to admit the tape as evidence but ended up walking away with his tail between his legs. This was the worst I've seen him during this series. Closing argument by Barret was a little comical. She walked around the courtroom reading from her notes, but not saying anything out loud, at least nothing that made sense. She said the was up late the night before and was very tired. Also the closing argument had to be different thatn what she had prepared.
    That's all I have time for, gotta get back to work.

  3. I was wondering who was fired. And whether they showed any acknowledgement that 1 team really got the tougher side of the case.

  4. It was implied that the plaintiff side had the worse end of the case.

    Each side lost a member. Regina (I think thats her name) got fired probably because of the following line of questions in the cross of one of the defendants:

    (Keep in mind she did this after saying f-ing b*tch like 50 times)

    "If you were so afraid of the plaintiff, why didn't you call the police."

    "I did call the police"

    "Well if she was so bad why didn't the police document this?"

    "They did document it."

    Shuffle papers... "Nothing further."

    The defendant side lost Barret.

    Even though Mike got trashed in the board room for not introducing the tape into evidence. Seeing how a tape with racial undertones might be a bit relevant in the episode...

  5. I honestly don't how anyone does things like that.

    I'm working on being a trial lawyer, but I'm still waiting on bar results, so my experience in front witnesses is limited to Trial Techniques and Persuasion programs in law school. So I don't really know what questioning a witness for real feels like.

    But how hard is it to train yourself not to say "Why?" on cross? When I first started doing Pretend Cross, I got into all sorts of "One Question Too Many" trouble, but after I got slapped around a dozen or so times, I Stopped Doing That.

    I can certainly understand not being able to get what you need out of an uncooperative witness (I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of that), but is it really that hard to remember not to give a witness a Big Honking Opening on cross?

    It seems like such a simple rule, but in the brief time I've spent in a courtroom, I've seen so many lawyers walk into it that I'm starting to worry that I'm missing something important.

    Anyone with some actual experience have an opinion?