I'm back, Feel free to comment

So, I'm back.

And, one of the interesting things about when I don't blog, is that you, the readers, don't comment. Which means I check my gmail account over and over to find nothing new.

But not this time. Thank goodness from someone named "Adam" who must have been reading through all of the archives and commenting. Maybe Adam needs to start a blog for himself.

(Update: He does have a blog, it's here, and also, he just got a job at the Dekalb P.D.'s office. Congrats!)

So, now it's September. Back to school, back to work, back to blogging more regularly, and hopefully back to not needing to take ice baths just to cool off.


  1. Welcome back! Did you miss the courtroom the past few days?

  2. Well, I worked a little, and had a little time off.

    But now I'm ready to have a productive weekend and go back in there swinging.

    I'm hoping to start a good trial next week.

  3. Thanks for noticing. Welcome back.

    Yeah ... I start next week, and I've been taking a whirlwind tour of PDs' blogs (yours, imapd, Public Defender Dude) just to get a taste for The Life.

    On that note -- have you felt any backlash from keeping a blog and working in a courtroom? I was planning on starting a new blog after graduation (emorylawstudent.com just isn't right any more) and I even bought a domain for it, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I suppose I could keep it anonymous, but I think there are just too many people out there who know what my writing looks like and can put two and two together.


  4. Keep on posting such themes. I love to read stories like that. BTW add some pics :)