Here Comes Puppy In The Baby Carriage

LQ writes about the weird stares she gets pushing an empty baby carriage.

Let me tell you.

Yesterday, I was at the park, enjoying a bite to eat, when I, honest to goodness, saw a woman pushing her silky terrier in a kid-sized stroller. He was even belted in. I noticed that the little dog had some of those little doggy diapers under him, so I thought maybe he was elderly... but, still, it was a strange sight to see.


  1. We get rich old ladies pushing toy dogs (and by "toy," I'm refering to the Westminster categorization--these are real, living dogs) in strollers in the fancy schmancy mall near us.

  2. I was in a store in Canada when I saw a woman with a terrier in one of those baby "snuglis," those carriers that hold the baby against your chest. The dog had its back up against the woman's chest and his paws stuck straight out in front. While the woman acted like this was as normal as ever, the dog had a look on its face like, "Lady, this demeans us both."