Amazing Race:Family Edition

What about this new season of The Amazing Race: The Family Edition?

Man, I have never ever in my whole life watched a television program and thought to myself, "Please, make it end now, because I'm going directly to hell."

First of all, they went through and named all of the families. And the Black Family? Well, they're the Black Family. Yes, that's right, the African-American family is "The Black Family." I know, I know, it's not that funny, it's just their last names, but still, it was weird as Phil announced it. I couldn't help but think, "Sheeesh, can't they call them 'The African-American Family?' Get with the times people!"

And the first family that they introduced that had kids in it? My first thought was, "Oh, great, another season with 'little people.'"

Oh, and it gets worse, I can't even stand it. That family made up of a widow and her kids? Her husband was killed when he was run over by a race car. I spent most of the first episode making bad jokes about how they're going to break down in tears every time they hear the word "race." Some other team will say, "Hurry, we're in a race!" And the widow family will just stop where they are, start crying, and say, "Hey, no fair, rubbing it in!"

I said that I made these jokes for most of the first episode. That was only until the mother got run over by a buggy. You'd think that if your husband died getting run over by something you'd somehow be more careful. And, what if something happened to her? Can you imagine those kids going through the rest of their lives?

Yeah, I totally need to stop watching that show. I can't live with myself being this snarky.


  1. I too watch the Amazing Race, and was quite skeptical about having kids do the race. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the young children, and in disbelief of how those two teenage kids treat their parents (the Jersey team). Looking forward to next week though....

    My husband said the same thing when Phil announced the Black family.

  2. I hated that to. But, just to let you know, that family is not from Jersey. They are from upstate New York. My coworker who is from there said that everyone is like that. Here in Jersey, kids don't mistreat their parents that way.

  3. I stand corrected about that. One of the other teams during the show referred to the team as such, and I assumed they knew more about the team's locations than I did. My bad.

  4. So basically what you're saying is: This is really good tv! ;-)

    I missed the opener b/c of a tragic tivo season pass conflict (stupid Firefly marathon!), but I'm looking forward to plenty of snarkorific domestic strife tonight.

    My gfriend's theory about this family edition is that it won't be as good b/c, while our society is fully comfortable w/the spousal abuse that usually occurs on the show, we don't really have the stomach for the child abuse that will probably be part of the family edition. From what you say, perhaps we'll be treated to some good parent abuse, too!

    Sorry. Have we now crossed over beyond snark?