That Firefly Phone

Have you seen that Firefly phone?

The concept is that it's a phone with very few buttons, and parents can program the phone with the numbers that they want their kid to be able to call or receive calls from. You know, so the kid isn't using the phone to set up dates with people they chat with on the internet.

You'll also notice that the phone has speed dial for Mom and Dad. Symbolized by a woman in a dress for Mom and a stick figure for Dad, just like the signs on the restroom doors.

Does anyone else worry about the kids raised by a single parent? Or two moms? Or two dads? Maybe I'm being too politically correct. Or, maybe it's just much more common here than... wherever they make this firefly thing.

I hope they come out with a "two dads" and "two moms" version and one with a button just labeled "primary caregiver."


  1. I don't know if it's a matter of being politically correct, but more of a fiscal necessity. How many kids are being raised by two mothers or fathers? I don't know numbers, but I'd have to guess it's an extremely small number. To create a whole line that they'd have to distribute to every store just seems like bad business practice.

    Single parents on the other hand...that's a good idea. There's definitely more than niche for that.

  2. or the parent/store could put a sticker on top of it naming "grandma" or "uncle" or whatever. seriosuly, blonde justice, i like your blog, but that was one of the most ridiculous comments ever.

  3. I think the father and mother symbol is a good idea. The marketing folks know what they are doing...

    We all know that kids raised by single parents or by a same sex couple are doomed to have a horrible and unhappy life. So, why would anyone waste money on a phone for their safety?

  4. First off, I love your blog. I hope to be a pd when done with school, and I always enjoy reading your posts. And I totally agree with you on this. I like the concept, but as a single parent myself I'm kind of put off by the "mom" and "dad" buttons. There are so many kids these days being raised in so-called "nontraditional" families that maybe just a primary caregiver button would be more sensitive to all the kids out there who don't have a dad or mom.

  5. See? I think that there will be single parents or parents in nontraditional families who would otherwise like the concept, but be put off by the mom & dad buttons.

    I like the idea of selling it with two blank buttons and then a variety of different stickers you could stick in there. Then, you could program whichever two people the kid will call most often.

  6. Sounds like a perfect aftermarket accessory. Just about every mall in the country already has one of those crappy wooden kiosks (between the print-your-own-tshirt stand and the place with the calendars of kitties) where they sell every random cell phone accessory you could imagine.

    I say we go out. Sell man buttons, woman buttons ... even box turtle buttons for nutcase Southern senators.

    Also: How did this guy become "Dad" in the first place? It's quite clear from his icon that this fella has no genitals at all. Poor Dad.

  7. I know!! I was looking at this phone at and noticed the man and woman. I had to google it and find out who else felt that they shouldn't have put a man and woman on the phone. brought me to your blog! I am glad other people think the same way I do.