Do you think anyone has ever actually, I mean literally, committed suicide because they had an annoying song stuck in their head? I mean, really annoying?

And, another thing... sometimes I feel like I get more annoying songs stuck in my head, or I get annoying songs more stuck in my head, when I'm starting to get sick. Like, maybe I have a lower tolerance for them because I already have a headache? Anyone else? Or maybe I'm just crazy...

Sometimes I think it rubs off from my crazy clients.

I need a nap.


  1. If it is a song you hate, then it is torture, but if it is a song you love, then it is bliss. Wait, that sounds cliche and weak, like being in foofy love or something ("If it is someone you are interested in, your pupils will dilate, but if it is someone you do not like who is initiating contact, then your pupils will contract...").

    But yeah, on the torture-sickness-End-of-Days vibe, I remember reading about the interrogators at Bagram Air Force base blasting captured Afghani POWs with a song from Barney the Dinosaur over and over and over - it was repetitive and it was extremely loud. There was no brainwashing; apparently the music made them miserable overall.

    IPod needs to invent invisible headphones, so no matter what I am doing at work (meeting, answering phone, taking notes etc), there is a constant uninterrupted stream of my own personal soundtrack to counteract the effects of having to hear all day long.

  2. I think the son-of-sam guy thought the dog was singing to him...

    When the US army got the Panamanian dictator to surrender I think they were playing "Aint no Holla Back Girl."

  3. The worst is when the song stuck inyourhead isn't a song. It's a commercial jingle. That Vonage commercial drives me crazy!!
    So glad I found this blog. Needed some cheering up. Will keep an eye on.

  4. I appreciate your not mentioning any song titles, because you *know* that this always prompts the playing of that specific song in your head. For the next three hours.

  5. I dunno, but someone told me that "Puff the Magic Dragon, lives by the sea . . ."

    /evil laugh

  6. Sit in a quiet place and observe the song going through your head. Concentrate on it and nothing else. Observe your mind, in other words. That should stop the song. Given practice, you can stop your thinking entirely and give your mind a rest. Seriously. Lawyers have noisy minds that cause them all kinds of trouble.