Dress to Impress

You want stories about work? Here's one...

Last week, it was about a hundred degrees. Or more. And, as always, I went to court in a suit, and my client (who was not charged with prostitution) came to court in something that was sort of like a sports bra and a little skirt.

The judge told her that she was inappropriately dressed and that he had no choice but to adjourn the case to a day when she could return to court dressed more appropriately.

I jumped in (it is my job, after all), and tried to explain to the judge that it was very hot out and that it was difficult to dress appropriately for the weather outside and court at the same time... (as if we, the lawyers and the judge, don't do it every day, all summer long)...

Finally, the judge just went on with the case anyway, ignoring the fashion faux pas. And, in the end, he had to adjourned the case anyway, because that's sort of the name of the game in criminal cases, unfortunately.

Later, my father and I were exchaning, "It was sooo hot..." stories. I told him that it was so hot that I managed to get a fairly conservative judge to allow my client to appear in only a sports bra and a short skirt.

"Don't get me wrong," I said, "I'm all for appropriate dress in court. I didn't want to look at her belly either, but it's just hard for people when it's a hundred degrees..."

"I don't really agree," my father told me. "I don't think the court should keep people from wearing what they what to wear."

"Really?" I asked.

"No, of course not. I mean, let's say someone is charged with wife beating. How's a jury going to know he's a wife beater if he can't wear his wife beater to court? If he's forced to disguise that from the jury?"

Um, yeah, thanks dad.


  1. That's priceless . . . Along those lines, maybe Biglaw folks should be required to tote portly felines to court on leashes and judges should be required to . . . well, you decide what judges should do . . .

  2. Your Dad's comment was hilarious.

  3. Man I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks along those lines ;-) Great comment from Dad

  4. That's just good stuff. You can always count on pops for some good ole common sense.

  5. Yesterday we had a defendant wear a halter top thing to court with (I swear to God) a hole worn out in the nipple area.
    No bra.