"Big Dogs Running! Big Dogs Running!"

I finally watched the two episodes of The Law Firm that have been sitting on my Tivo for a few weeks now, and I actually really liked the show. I was pleasantly suprised.

I liked the fact that the lawyers/contestants weren't judged by whether they won or lost, but by their actual performance. Sometimes, as a lawyer, you're simply handed an unwinable case, and you just have to do your best to come up with a strategy and play it out the best that you can.

I think that the lawyers have a lot to learn, but that should come naturally with many of the mistakes they're making. It only takes one truly uncontrollable witness before you realize that you have to prep your witnesses. Again and again and again. Plus a few more times for the potentially crazy witnesses. The lawyers that said, "We went out to meet our client at his home, because that's where he is the most comfortable, so that's what he'll be like on the stand," met a very rude awakening.

And the most important thing that I think all of these attorneys need to learn -and will learn- is to have a theory of the case. Preferably the same theory as their co-counsel. Without that, you're lost.

On the other hand, cursing at a judge? You'd think that'd be something you'd learn not to do before you graduate law school.

Overall, I thought the public defenders and criminal lawyers kicked ass. Would you expect anything less? I was particularly impressed with Chris, who may have been the only one who knew when and how to make an obejection.

So, when's the next episode? Uh oh, it looks like maybe it's cancelled... Or, at least, on "hiatus."

That reminds me, I still never found out who was the mystery boss on My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss...

The title of this post is a particularly funny quote from the first episode of The Law Firm. Maybe you had to see it...


  1. I was surprised myself. I was surprised about the lack of theory of the case. I can't believe the guy who cursed at the judge didn't get sent home.

  2. The show was "cancelled" on NBC. The remaining episodes will be show on Bravo.

  3. I checked the Bravo site though, and it only shows one upcoming episode, and that one is in September.

  4. Here is a news story on that change: http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/archives/other_shows/2005_Aug_09_nbc_law_firm_pulled

  5. Some of those lawyers looked absolutely clueless to me, though I'll admit that editing and/or lack of sleep might have played huge roles in such sloppiness.

  6. I'm not a lawyer, but I spent four years as a staff officer in the Air Force, where I often gave presentations to pretty senior military and civilian people. I've also been at a number of civil court and arbitration sessions in the course of my business life.

    Those briefings to The General are not unlike a trial, with The General often person acting as a skeptical, cranky, and difficult judge as you try and persuade them to approval your proposal or accept your explanation of a screwup.

    Given that background, I was shocked to see at least one of the lawyers just crumble and collapse under the pressure of speaking before the judge.

    I know most lawyers don't actually try cases in court, but surely the law schools teach them to think on their feet and respond to questions under pressure?

    And as far as cussing at the judge, I've wanted to do that a number of times, but it gets you jail time here in Williamson County, Texas. Then again, pretty much everything gets jail time here.

    Thanks for a fun and insightful blog

  7. Nice...

    I thought I was the only one who watched that Obnoxious boss show...

    My theory is that the boss is a monkey that randomly points at who gets fired.

    I like the "Law Firm" because it makes me feel smart, even though I am just a law student...

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