5 Questions

Following up on this earlier interview topic, here's 5 Questions for Legally Blonde:

(Anyone else should feel free to answer them in my comments, or own their own blog, if you're so inclined, but I wrote them with Legally Blonde in mind, so they might not all apply.)

1. Why law school? Do you know what you want to do after?

2. Speaking of school, the first day of school will soon be upon us. Well, actually, just you. ("Ha, ha!" as Nelson Muntz would say.) Any thoughts on that all-important first day of school outfit?

3. Magazine subscriptions: How many do you have? Which ones are the best? Others that you want to subscribe to? And then, once you get them, do you have a certain order that you read them in, or anything like that?

4. What's your hidden talent?

5. Do you have a favorite drinking game? Or does it just not require a game?


  1. I finally answered your questions-sorry for the delay...Lots of working this weekend.

  2. Question one: Law school because I enjoy legal research and legal analysis. After law school, I'd like to practice appellate advocacy.
    Question two: Meh--jeans and a black button-up short-sleeve shirt. (I'm male, I'm going to school in the mid-atlantic, it's hot outside.)
    Question three: I subscribe to 12-15 magazines/newspapers. A couple of legal publications (MA Lawyers Weekly, Lawyers Weekly USA, National Law Journal), some mac magazines, Newsweek and US News and World Report, Forbes, and a few cooking magazines.... (Now that I'm off the undergrad meal plan, I need recipes!)
    Question four: My hidden talent is that sing well.
    Question five: Favorite drinking game? Threeman of course. Well, that or pong. But it requires paddles, darn it! Pong without paddles is not pong--it's Beiruit. The game was invented at Dartmouth and should be played with Dartmouth-rules or not at all.... :)

  3. I'll need to do this in a few days.