That Kathy

The following is taken from an actual conversation. Nothing, not even the names, have been changed, to protect the... uh... innocent.

"So, who else did you invite to the party?"
"Well... Kathy and..."
"Kathy? Do I know Kathy?"
"Kathy from work."
"I don't think I met Kathy."
"No, you know Kathy. She sits upstairs..."
"No, I must not have met Kathy."
"Well, ok, anyway, I put Kathy in charge of making the Jell-o shots for the..."
"Oh! Kathy! You should've just said 'Jell-o Shot Kathy,' then I would have known who you were talking about."


  1. I'm considering printing "Kool-aid Kim" on my business card. Oh wait, I'm just a receptionist, I don't have a business card.

  2. I think I would be "Mexican Jail Sancho." Hmmm, what's with the Sad Imood?