Podcast Recommendations, Anyone?

That's right. I am now entering the digital age. Or the MP3 age. Or whatever you want to call it.

Point is, I figured out something about podcasts. I downloaded iPodder, and now I'm trying to fill up my little player.

So, now, does anyone have any good suggestions of podcasts to which I should subscribe?

Don't worry, I already set it up to download AmbImb and E.Spat's podcasts. That was the first order of business! (Although it just says "Queued" not "Downloading," what's up with that???)

Any other suggestions?


  1. First off--I dont' know what up with that "queued" thing, but I tried iPodder once before I stopped and went back to using iTunes. iTunes is much faster. It helps if you have a nice cable connecton or something, but iTunes has noticeably more zip to it.

    Some Podcasts you might dig:

    Pretty corny, but he talks about fairly interesting stuff and his jokes aren't that bad--nice production values as well. He likes it when you leave him voicemails.

    The Daily Download: You can't stop listening, even though you want to and feel kind of dirty--it's fucking hilarious.

    One of my favorites. It's especially cool when she busts out the freestyle.

    Always fun. A very popular 'cast. Haven't listened enough yet to develop a "listener relationship" but they're pretty damn funny. And they seem like real people. Which is why I like all podcasts, pretty much. Hope one of these appeals.

    Like, peace out, yo.

  2. you've got Slate in your web site list, and they have podcasting now (NPR stuff, etc.):


  3. I listen to The Week in Tech and Diggnation. You can get to both of them through iTunes.

  4. Well, clearly you need to be in a podcast if you're going to start listening to them. That way you get the full effect. Wanna guest on "ambivalent voices"? You'll note it's sort of been dormant for a while, but this would be a great way to revive it. Whadyasay?

  5. You can find these by searching in Google or in the iTunes Music Store: "Fly with Me," an interesting podcast by an airline pilot; "This Week in Tech," a weekly conversation about tech; "Podfinder," about podcasts to listen to; "Cinecast," the best podcast about movies, in my opinion; and "The Legal Underground Podcast," by me, a lawyer, about lawyers and practicing law and some politics.

  6. Oh yeah, I should also say that along with Kevin Heller, I do an entire weblog about law-related podcasting: Blawgcast.com.

  7. I would totally need to invest in one of those "voice disguiser" things. You know, like in Scream? You'd be doing the interview, and I'd be like, "Do you like scary movies?"

    And in not-quite-other news, what do I have to do to make iPodder download amb voices???? Help!!!

    Maybe if I knew what I was getting myself into, I might be more seriously researching voice disguisers.

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