Passing The Bar (Part 2)

Oh, crap! For those of you studying for the bar, I just realized tonight that I totally the forgot to give you the second prong of my patented two-part passing the bar secret (that's right, it's patented, so don't try to steal it, BarBri). I know it's getting late and the exam is rapidly approaching, please don't kill me.

Hopefully, you've already been utilizing super-effective-bar-passing-tip-number-one, so here's super-effective-tip-number-two: You have to improve your karma.

So, from this day forward, until you get the good news that you passed, you need to help little old ladies cross the street, buy candy bars to support kids' drug habits basketball teams, donate blood, hold the elevator door open for that slow guy even though you're already running late, give money to that woman who is walking in some walkathon, and get your leftovers to go and give them out to the homeless on the way home.

Sorry, I know we're really getting down to the line here, but I think if you really apply yourself, you can do it.

As of this year, this BarBlondeTM two part bar preparation process has a 100% success rate, and you can't mess with that kind of statistic. (Well, you could mess with it by saying that it's an unreliably low sample size, since it only included, well, me, but, we're lawyers, not statisticians, right?)

And, if you were using tip number one all along and start using tip number two immediately, you shouldn't worry about this but... if by some crazy fluke you don't pass the bar, at least you can feel great about all of those amazingly nice things you did. And this will more than make up for the guilt you feel everytime you see the dumb-as-a-rock-guy whose photo you used in tip number one. Right? Right.


  1. Um, yeah. Be warned, young paduan, it is easy to be cocky when the bar is 2 years away.

  2. Me? I passed the bar. In two states. (See Part 1 of the super effective study tips.)