Hungry Eyes

As a kid, I was a big Dirty Dancing fan. As were most girls my age, I suspect.

And to you yungins out there, I'm talking about the REAL Dirty Dancing, with Baby and Johnny, not any of that Havana Nights crap.

Believe it or not, it wasn't until years later that I realized that I just hadn't gotten so many things in that movie. I remember re-watching it in college (on one of the millions of times it aired on TBS or TNT or whatever), and then running into a friend's dorm room during a commercial break and saying, "Did you know there was an abortion in Dirty Dancing?" Yeah, I guess I was a naive kid.

But I was mostly watching it for the dancing. Seriously.

When I was a kid, it was also very important to have the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. (On a cassette, so you could listen to it on the bus, of course.)

One girl, who was REALLY cool, actually had the tape called More Dirty Dancing. I'll admit, I wasn't cool enough to have that tape, but I was friends with her, so at least I got to borrow it.

But the original soundtrack was better anyway.

Where was I going with this? Oh, I know. Tonight, I happened to hear the song "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen (which was on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, of course).

And, all of the sudden, I clearly remembered a conversation in which I asked my aunt, "What does that mean... Hungry Eyes? How can your eyes be hungry?"

And instead of making up some bullshit answer, she gave me the, "I'll explain it when you get older." Which, of course, only made me more curious. (She just should've been glad I didn't ask what the whole abortion scene was about!)

I remember that I spent the whole day thinking about how your eyes could be hungry. I remembered that sometimes my eyes got dry from swimming so much and I had to get eye drops. Could that have something to do with it? Like, his eyes were hungry for eyedrops? Nah, that'd be more like "Thirsty Eyes," right? Or, maybe it had something to do with what my mother would sometimes say about "Her eyes are bigger than her stomach?" I swear, I spent a whole day thinking about it.

And then, just as my aunt probably hoped, I forgot all about it. Until tonight.

How funny would it be if I called her right now and said, "Remember when you told me that someday you'd explain what 'Hungry Eyes' meant? I'm ready to hear it." Ha!

But I won't. Because she probably wouldn't even remember what I was talking about. Or, maybe she'd say, "Ok, while we're on the subject of things that happened when you were a kid, how about when I caught you drawing on my walls?" and then I'd probably get stuck repainting her house or some crap. So, nevermind.


  1. I just had the same exact trip down memory lane the other day when I heard "Hungry Eyes" while shopping at DSW (p.s. OF COURSE I had the soundtrack casette). The abortion part was definitely what confused me the most at that youngster age. I was like, "Penny's 'in trouble?' What does that mean?" I remember them talking about some quack with a "coat hanger" and just having no idea. Also, my older sister had told me that the people dancing the lambada were actually having sex on the dance floor.

  2. I can totally relate. I remember trying to understand what it meant that Penny was "in trouble" and "knocked up." The way she was shivering in the kitchen, I thought she was having a nervous breakdown. Ha! It wasn't until she said something to Johnny about being able to still have children that I figured it was some sort of female problem. But, I did know what "Hungry Eyes" meant. I think.

  3. I didn't get that Grease had so much sex in it and that a big part of it was Danny trying to get Sandy to PUT OUT until years and years later.