Gone Fishing

It was a hot summer day when two blonde friends decided to head down to the lake to cool off.

At the lake, they found a man renting little fishing boats and everything else they'd need to get started... reels, rods, and selling bait and beer.

So, the blondes rented a boat, and putted out into the middle of the lake. They fished for a while, but didn't get so much as a nibble.

They decided that maybe they should try another spot on the lake. So they putted in this direction, and fished a little longer. Still, nothing.

They putted over in another direction, and fished a while longer. Still, nothing.

Finally, in the fourth spot, it all came together. The blondes each caught a fish of their own, and really started to have a good time.

Dusk was approaching, so they decided, eventually, to call it a day. But they thought that maybe, since they'd had so much fun, they'd like to come back out tomorrow and do it again.

"But how will we find our lucky spot again?" one blonde asked.

"Easy," the other blonde responded. And, with that, she got out a pen and drew an X on the boat where each woman had caught their fish.

"Perfect!" the first blonde said, "Now, we just have to make sure we get the same boat!"


  1. That's just good stuff. I know I'm gonna try and memorize it to tell my friends and end up butchering the punchline.

  2. I didn't know Sanchovilla was a blonde.