Friday Spies

(As always, brought to you by BTQ)

1. Tropical Storm Cindy and Hurricane Dennis are causing trouble in the Southeast this week. Share a natural disaster story. I think I mentioned this once before, but when I was in college, I got in a car accident. Mainly it was because there was a tape stuck in the tape deck and I was really trying to get it out. (No, I did not go to college that long ago, it was just an ancient car.) Anyway, because I took my eyes off the road to try to pop the tape out of the tape deck, I ended up rear-ending the car in front of me. Coincedentally, there was a little rain, and even a little tornado nearby. When the officer arrived on the scene, I begged and pleaded with him not to give me a ticket even though the accident was very much my fault. (Yes, this is very much contrary to all of the "DON'T TALK TO COPS!" advice I now give my clients). Yes, I know that despite the rain, or, actually because of the rain, I should have allowed more following distance. But the tape was stuck! I started to worry that it would be like my cousin's 80-something Honda Civic which just permanently plays the same Red Hot Chili Peppers tape over and over! Anyway, the nice officer was kind enough to fill in the section titled "Cause of accident:" with the word "TORNADO." Sweet.

And that's really the only natural disaster story I have.

2. What is your favorite work of art? There was a lot of sculpture on my college campus that was really nice. I had a favorite piece - it was a sculpture so big you could sit in it and read or study. It was definitely a favorite place for me, so I think that makes it a favorite piece of art.

3. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle or the bottom? Absolutely from the bottom. Actually, I use a cute little toothpaste squeezer. Fine, call me neurotic, see if I care.

4. What is your favorite "cult" film? I've never seen a movie about a cult. Ok, fine, I'll say Dude Where's My Car or Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

5. Would you go into space if given the chance? Where would you go? No way. I'd be way too claustrophobic and lonely in that little can. Where would I go? Like, instead? Um, I hear Morocco is nice.

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  1. I happened upon your blog tonight of all nights and while I was surprised enough to realize someone else idolized Elle Woods I was even more shocked that you also use a toothpaste tube winder.