Beauty & The Geek Finale

(As some of you have already commented, the finale episode could've been boiled down from an hour to about to about 15 minutes. As finales go, this one was a little disappointing. So, I hope you're not too disappointed in my recap, but if you are, blame it on Ashton.)

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At the beginning of the episode, we're also told, "Tonight, it all comes down to this," and we see the elimination room. I think it's kind of lame that it should come down to questions in the elimination room. I think there should be some better kind of challenge, although I'm not sure what that should be. Well, whatever, we'll see...

Richard & Mindi return from last week's elimination room with a dramatic "We're baaack!" Chuck comments that he misses Scarlet (does anyone remember if she said anything about missing him?), and Chuck tries to burn off his panic by doing a few push-ups and shadow boxing. Complete with Rocky theme music.

Richard and Chuck do a little bonding over martial arts and meditation. It's hard to tell, but it seems like they're getting over their differences, if only a little.

The teams go, yet again, to see the host, who usually tells them the subject of their next challenge. This time, however, he reminds them of the challenges they've already completed, and tells them to enjoy the next days and share their interests with one another before the final elimination. No clue what the elimination will be about - their partners? Their partners' interests?

Chuck takes Caitilin to a martial arts dojo and shows her some moves. At first, Caitilin doesn't seem to be trying too hard. Chuck shows Caitilin how to shout from the core as she throws down some karate chops. Chuck shouts "KEEEEAHHHH!" Caitilin tries it. "Kia?" she says timidly. But, after a little more time in the dojo, it seems like Caitilin has put in a little effort and possibly got something out of the experience, if nothing more than seeing Chuck in his element. And getting to punch him in the chest a few times, which has to be worth something.

Mindi, meanwhile, takes Richard out kayaking. Likewise, Richard seems uncomfortable at first, commenting "I'm not much of an outdoorsman." But, like Caitilin, he puts a little time and effort into it, and soon, Mindi and Richard are gliding along the lake nearly effortlessly. After kayaking, Mindi and Richard enjoy a picnic near the lake. And Richard is amazingly well behaved, compared to his previous date with Lauren, at least.

Mindi says, "If we win, I'll make out with you... Don't think I won't do it."

Hmmm... would you make out with a geek, or the king of the geeks, for $250,000? Or half of that? Everyone has their price, I guess, and we're seeing what Mindi's is. Or, I suppose you could argue, that she's somehow developed a real attraction for Richard. Nah, then the making out wouldn't be conditioned on winning.

But it has the desired effect of motivating Richard, who comments, "Now I have to win." Because: a) he wants to beat Chuck, b) the money, and c) he'll get to make-out with Mindi. Sounds like motivation enough to me.

That evening, Caitilin teaches Chuck a little bit about cooking, her passion. I'm not quite clear on what she prepared. I see a big stick of cream cheese, and I hear mention of potatos, salmon and honey. And we're never really shown a good plate shot, so I'm not sure. But, more importantly, they seem to get a good opportunity to talk while they cook, and Caitilin shares a little bit about herself, such as the fact that she loves to entertain and that her mother is a phenomenal cook.

Meanwhile, Richard brings Mindi into a romantic scene, complete with rose petals, in front of a grand piano. Richard plays the piano really well, and Mindi really enjoys it. Again, this is a great opportunity to see for Mindi to see her partner is his element, and, as she described it, he was "so at ease." It seems that sometimes Richard might be acting, or uncomfortable and acting out, and this seemed like a great way for them to bond, and that Richard, finally, really had his guard down.

Chuck and Caitilin sit down to dinner and have more time to talk. Chuck talks about some insecurities that he felt in high school, and how this experience has helped him overcome some of those insecurities.

Richard plays a song that he wrote for Mindi, and Mindi accompanies him on the piano. "Mindi, it's windy... when you're not with me." It was cute. Very cute. Maybe Richard is more human than I previously thought.

We are now 25 minutes into the show. If you have TiVo, you can start fast forwarding at this 25-minute mark, or the commercial break before it. Here's what you'll miss: The teams aren't sure what the elimination will be about. Richard is very nervous and drives himself crazy. Mindi works on her tan and reflects on what she's learned. Like, that she should stand up for herself. (Did I miss the Mindi 'standing up for herself' scene?) The time went quickly, but they feel like they've known each other for so long. Chuck gives Richard the names of books on meditation that he might enjoy. The teams want to win, and say their goodbyes to each other. The girls cry, the boys high-5 each other. The teams tell you that, tonight, they will be competing for $250,000. As if you didn't know that. They speculate as to what the challenge will be, and whether or not they'll be ready. They sit around and wait for the challenge to start. Richard is nervously freaking out. Chuck and Caitilin are sitting around, bored, with a ticking clock noise for effect. I'm sure the only thing worse that their boredom with sitting around would be your boredom at watching them sit around. But you don't have to, just keep fast forwarding.

Ok, stop right here. Minute 39. Yup, I just saved you 14 minutes of your life. You can pay me back later. The teams are told that they will "each be asked 10 personal questions about [their] partner." Chuck and Caitilin will go first, and Richard and Mindi leave the room, supposedly separated. The questions include things like their partners' city and state of birth, spelling their partner's name properly, naming where they went to school, where they studied abroad.

Chuck is asked, "What medication is Caitilin allergic to?" The answer is penicillin, and I'm thinking, "If this med student can't at least guess the right answer, one of the most common drug allergies, he does not deserve to win." He gets it right. In total, Chuck and Caitilin get 8 out of 10 questions correctly.

Richard and Mindi are asked similar questions, and get the first 2 wrong. The only way that they will survive is if they answer all 8 of the remaining questions correct... and they do. Surprise, surprise. And we also learn that Mindi has 2 tattoos. Now the tension is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Tie-breaker, sudden death round. Ladies go first.
Caitilin is asked Chuck's waist size. 33. Correct.
Mindi is asked what brand of mouthwash gave Richard a hangover. Listerine. Correct. (As if there are so many other brands of mouthwash!)
Because they are both correct, the questions move to the men.

Chuck is asked, "What is Caitilin's middle name?" He answers "Asamo." Whoa, Caitilin's parents may have been on drugs during the baby naming process.
Richard is then asked the same question. And it's obvious that he doesn't know and is going to just have to make a guess.

Here's my advice: If you have to guess a girl's middle name, especially a girl born in the 70s or even early 80s, I think the safest guess is probably "Lynn." That seems to be a lot of girls' middle names, because it's short and goes with so many first names. (Except, of course, "Caitilin." Since "Caitilin Lynn" would sound dumb, you need to go with a middle name like "Asamo" when using a first name like "Caitilin.")

But Richard guesses, "Jackie." Sure, Jackie is a nice name and all, but I don't think it's a common middle name. I doubt the census keeps track of middle names, but it just seems like it'd be uncommon. Especially in the form of "Jackie." Maybe "Jacqueline" or something. Well, anyway, Richard is wrong. AND, NO, THEY NEVER TELL US WHAT MINDI'S MIDDLE NAME IS. SORRY, I know you found this site by googling "Beauty and The Geek Mindi's Middle Name." Sorry.

SO, CHUCK AND CAITILIN WON. And both of the teams learned thing from each other, they're proud of each other, blah blah blah.

THERE WAS NO BIG TWIST. As far as we know, Krystal wasn't a man, none of the women turned out to be Rhodes scholars, and Richard wasn't an actor planted there by the WB.


But there will be a reunion or "aftermath" show next week, where we'll find out what happened to all of the contestants. Did their romances survive? Stay tuned for that, which I will also recap.

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  1. If I had to guess a girl's middle name I'd go with Ann. By the way I think that whole shows a big scripted fake.

  2. Good point. Ann is also a good middle name guess.

  3. Well, another good recap though I agree that the finale was very anticlimactic. Was anyone else disturbed by the sight of Richard and Chuck side by side meditating sans shirts? My sisters insist that Marie would be the best guess for a middle name. I don't know. That was the middle name of a girl I used to date, but I don't go around polling girls for their middle names so I don't know. And I hope the show stops with the ridiculous forshadowing and stops giving so much away. It was painfully obvious that Richard and Mindi would run off the next 8 questions after missing the first two to tie it up because of all the, "When we missed the first two, I thought that it was over" type comments that they've done in the past like with Caitilin winning the car challenge. I wasn't at all surprised. More importantly, I knew that Chuck and Caitilin were making it to the final because in the opening of the show they show them doing karate. So that meant they were making it past any show that had karate and that wasn't until the end. I also saw a quick promo that showed camping and everyone except Lauren and Bill were there so that gave that away. I'm glad Chuck and Caitilin won, but this was easilly the worst episode of the entire season.

  4. All right, where is the recap of the "Beauty and the Geek: The Aftermath" (or whatever they called it) that you promised when you wrote about the finale? It's been almost a week. I'll look forward to it.

  5. Anne is a good one.

    I just wish I could meet Mindi in person to ask her, I do believe that she was the most beautiful person on the show.

  6. Mindi's middle name is Nicole.

  7. Oh, by the way I found out that her name was Nicole by watching episode 7-The Aftermatth, as they call it.

  8. I would probably guess Sara or Alexandra. mindi alexandra is pretty

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  10. hey you know whatis really cool? i live in helena montana and i personally know's wierd to call him that cuz we just call him allen.

  11. i know its a bit late to comment on this like 6years later but i watched a re run of the camping episode and to be honest Mindi pissed me off along with chuck, i did believe that Richard had ADHD not ADD because ADD does not explaint the hyperactivity, but brining it up with all those people he finds it hard to socialise thats whats the whole thing about ADHD is Chuck is some kind of doctor he is shit because a real doctor would no just to ignore his behaviour because the more you give negitive attention to that person they just ignore because they don't no when to stop because of the ADHD :) sorry love your blog btw.xx