Beauty & The Geek Finale Recap Coming Soon

Yes, I know that I owe you a recap of the B&TG Season Finale. It will be here soon. (Tomorrow?)

I did watch it. And I'm so glad I watched it because I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone would comment or email me and mention the winner.

Ok, recap soon. Promise.


  1. I am DEVASTATED! First of all, the show was 45 minutes too long. They should have had another competition for like, one extra point in the elimination round or something. Second, I cannot believe that, ahem, THEY won. I was rooting for the other team, 100%.

  2. what really bothered me (aside from the fact that they dragged it out unnecessarily) is that you could tell who won when they cut to the clips of the interviews that took place post-final elimination. One couple looked happy and one looked upset as they talked about the elimination step by step. I kinda thought maybe they were trying to trick us, but no.

  3. The male half of the winning couple is an old friend of mine, and even I wanted the other team to win.