Soundtrack to my Life

Like all of the questions I end up answering, these are brought to you by BTQ (Milbarge, to be more specific).

1. What is the total volume of music you own? I would guess that I own about 100-150 CDs. I also probably have 3-4K MP3s on my old computer (that someday I will transfer to an external harddrive), which I downloaded when I was in college and law school. Finally, I probably have 100-200 songs that I've downloaded in the past year or two.

2. What's the last CD you bought? Actually I don't buy CDs that often now, but I was at a little flea market just last weekend and I bought Chill:Brazil, vol. 2. It was only a buck for the 2-disc set and I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I think it'll be good as background music as I'm straightening up around the house or working or something. I got into the Brazilian music thing last summer when I first heard Bebel Gilberto, who I am now a big fan of. (And who has a song on Chill:Brazil, vol. 2.)

3. What song is playing right now? I don't have any music on right now, but I just watched Napoleon Dynamite and have Jamiroquai's Canned Heat stuck in my head.

4. What 5 songs do I listen to a lot? This is tough. Even my favorite songs, I don't necessarily listen to them every day. On the other hand, I listen to my cell phone ringtones every day. And the nation anthem just about every day (during baseball games and other events). I have a bunch of songs on my work computer, but they mostly just shuffle while I'm doing work - but there's a lot of Barenaked Ladies and Paul Simon (I like to keep things relatively tame at work), but there's not one particular song that plays a lot. It's not like I have "Take This Job and Shove It" on repeat or anything.

5. What 5 people will I pose these questions to? I'm not going to name any names (because then I'll just be disappointed when they don't all do it), but if you're name is over there ------->
(0r even if it's not), I want to hear what you're listening to.

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