Passing The Bar (and not stopping in for a drink)

I didn't mean to imply with this post that the bar is is easy, or that you have to be stupid to fail, but I think most people go into really well prepared and most people (statistically) pass.

I've known a few very smart people who have failed, and I can't be sure exactly why, but I feel like most of them might have let nerves (and the hype) take over.

On the other hand, like I tell most of my friends who are studying for the bar: Let's figure that 80-90 percent of your school is passing the bar on the first try. Have you ever in your life not been in the top 80-90 percent of your class or any group of your peers in your life? Most likely not.

So, for those of you studying for the bar this summer, or who will be doing it soon, do what I did: You'll either have a regular study area (mine was the dining room table), or a few regular things that you'll be carrying back and forth to the library or wheve you're studying. You need to pick one person - one lawyer, actually - who you just think is a total dumbass, or a total tool. You know, maybe that 3L who was in a class with you, and always raised their hand to ask the stupidest questions? Or some asshole partner at the firm you were at last summer? Get their picture (Didn't your law school have a face book? If he didn't go to your law school, try the internet, or just draw a funny picture) and tape it up in your regular study area or to the binder that you carry back and forth to the library. Any time you're feeling like "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" just look at that picture and say, "It's ok. If he can pass on this stupid thing, so can I." I found it to be a confidence booster.

And, yes, if you want to use my photo, that's ok too. It's in the upper right corner. =)


  1. Seriously? You looked at a picture of someone you can't stand as a confidence booster?

    During college, a friend of mine was obsessed with watching reruns of "Boy Meets World" on TV -- it was very odd -- and he cut out a picture of the girl from it, Topanga, from a magazine and taped it up in his carrel. Every once in a while he would stare at it for inspiration.

  2. Yes, I really did this. But it wasn't someone I couldn't stand. I think he's a pretty nice guy. I just think he's dumb as a rock, and it amazes me that he made it through law school, nevermind passed the bar. So, everyday, though I thought, "Gee, he's a pretty nice guy," I also thought, "If he can pass this crap, so can I."