Friday Spies

I like to do 'em on Saturday, or even almost Sunday, just to be different... or something like that.

1. What's your favorite season? Fall. I like September, October, and November the best. I don't really like summer heat. I like a cool crisp day, sun shining, maybe a little warm during the day, a little cool at night. I even like early winter, when a few snowflakes fall and it's like "Wow! Snow!" (unlike February, when you say "Snow? Not again!")
2. Do you have a green thumb? Nope. My plants in my office do ok, (I think the housekeeping people remember to water them, because I don't), but the plants in my home all look so sad and brown and mopey.
3. What is your favorite sport to watch? What is your favorite sport to play? Do you have a sports hero? I really only watch baseball. I like to swim, and I guess as far as a competitive team sport, I like kickball. That's fun. Sports hero? Well, Mary Lou Retton seemed pretty cool when I was a certain age.
4. Which would you rather be: Mayor, Governor, Senator, or President? I really have no political aspirations whatsoever (although, I'd consider being a Judge someday), so I think the best role for me would be Mayor, where I'd have the most hope of actually interacting with my constituents, and the least pressure to cater to private interests.
5. What are ten must-own items for single men and single women? Oh, good question, (and one which I sort of briefly touched on here), but not one I'm going to tackle in full right now. I just found out that my internet connection is going down for some service update in 18 minutes. And I cannot possibly begin to tell you single guys what you need in 18 minutes. But I can tell you that $150 jeans would not be on my list.

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  1. Blonde,
    Interesting things to own list for both single men and women. I'm married now but if I had to do it all over again I would have a nice bottle, or two, of wine. That means nothing that comes in a box. Seems like many women like a nice wine.

    I'm with you no $150.00 + jeans!!

    Colorado PD investigator