Dad's Day Advice Sought

First, let me tell you a little about my Dad.

He does not work in an office. So, desk thingees, ties and cufflinks are out. He does not smoke cigars or drink wine or any kind of liquor or mixed drinks. He does not golf. So, basically everything on every single website that has "Father's Day Recommendations" is out. He's not impressed with things just because they're expensive or fancy - brand names mean nothing to him.

He does drink Budweiser. He watches football. He fishes. He likes to build things or fix things (ok, maybe as the daughter I just decided that he "liked" fixing things, not that he was "obligated" to fix things, but either way, he spends a lot of time fixing things.)

But I don't know enough about tools and fixing stuff to know what tools he has or what tools he would find useful. On a few occasions in the past I've gotten him cool tool gadget stuff (or, what I thought was cool), and never really saw him use it, so I'd rather try to find something he'll actually use. Same with fishing. I don't really know enough about fishing to guarantee that I'd get the right thing. (One time, I got him some kind of fishing pole, but later my mother told me he had to exchange it because it was a freshwater, not a saltwater pole.)

When not fixing things, he likes to hang out in a hammock, Homer Simpson style. Sometimes he reads books. He generally likes fiction or biographies of, for example, fisherpeople (He loved "The Perfect Storm" and books like that). He sometimes likes history, but generally local history. And military and war stories. For Christmas I got him a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine and Air & Space, and he loves both of them.

He likes to eat. He's got a sweet tooth and loves spicy food too. He likes to experiment with cooking and grilling. But I feel like I get him something to do with grilling or cooking every father's day and birthday.

There's the added element that I probably won't see him again for a few weeks, so something easily shippable seems like a good idea.

Right now I'm considering either something like these gift baskets or possibly a book by Linda Greenlaw (I think he read this one last summer and talked about it all year).

Since a case of Budweiser doesn't seem particularly shippable.

Anyone have any better suggestions?

Think quick, time is running out!


  1. He likes to fish? Get him a huge (biggest you can find) tackle box. If you don't know what type of tools he needs, stay away from those. If need be, get him a gift certificate from Sears so he can pick out his own Craftsman tools.

    Or offer to take him fishing. As a dad, that's what I would rather have, my son's time. Just him and me. Fishing is great "quality" time. You know the time you spend fishing doesn't count against your life total, don't you?

  2. We've sent people stuff through Omaha Steaks. You can get a variety of good meat through them (not just steaks, but burgers, fish, etc.).

    Also, does he have a favorite football team? I've seen places (online) that sell grill covers with team logos on them.

  3. Perhaps he'd like a portable GPS device. Or maybe one of these.

    But my advice is probably best not followed. All I know is that I'd like either of those.

    Or maybe one of these.

    I just got one and he looks great perched on top of my iMac.

    It's good to have options, right?

  4. What about a gift card to Lowe's or Home Depot? If you think it's a cop-out, try going in there and browsing - i'm sure there are tons of ideas.

  5. As a father, the best gift would be you lugging that case of Bud through the door, with a gift certificate to one of the places mentioned before, and the offer to drive.

    If that doesn't work, a phone call would be acceptable. Your voice and love are most likely more important than the stuff.

  6. I know you said that you always get him something grilling/cooking related, but all I can come up with is that I remember seeing a cookbook where the recipes contain beer. That could combine the Budweiser and cooking favorites.

  7. Redmond O'Hanlon's Trawler

    Fascinating book -- combines fishing and perfect storm.

  8. A combination of grilling and beer, what a great idea. I saw this on some infomercial at 3am last week.

  9. I got my dad tickets to three MLB games. I know he'll use them.

    He loves going to live events, but never thinks to spend the money himself.

  10. I apologize in advance for the 'yuck' factor, but your dad totally sounds like the type of guy i want to date.

  11. Oh, yeah, I forgot. There's a book titled "Flag of Our Fathers" by a son of one of the guys in the famous photo raising the flag at Iwo Jima. Excellent reading, especially for a history/military enthusiast like your dad.

  12. Granted, it's a bit late, but Black and Decker makes this cordless Multi-tool thing that's phenomenal. Drill/jigsaw/router/sander/bunch of other stuff, all with the same power center. Waycool.

  13. Girl, look me up and i will help you with just about anything ! Thats the truth !@@!

  14. Book: The Abyss, by Orson Scott Card. The movie is not bad, the book is good.