Who Will Be The First, In This Race Around The World?

Will Ron & Kelly's constant bickering put them behind? Will Uchenna & Joyce's love for each other help them advance? Will Boston Rob & Ambuh get lots of help from Survivor Fans, allowing them to remain in first place?

Find out, TONIGHT, on the finale of Amazing Race!


  1. It's gotta be Joyce and Uchene, they are the only ones who have appreciated this entire race w/o being catty or shady!

  2. I think your blogpoll is clashing with your blog.

  3. Sorry, I didn't vote b/c I didn't see your poll 'til after the show. And what a show! I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I'm thrilled with the outcome, although I thought R&A's "catty" or "shady" play was just what the show needs to give it some spice and make it exciting. It's a *race!* For a *million dollars!*

    But the winners could hardly have been more deserving. I just thought they were going to lose it all for the sake of $25 of cab fair and I just wanted to grab the tv and shake them through it --"go freaking plant your feet on the mat, win the million, borrow $40 from Phil and pay the damn cab driver! Just GO GET ON THE MAT!!!" Sorry. I was getting a little excited.

    I will miss R&A. If it hadn't been for the freaking king of havana! Oh, and I'm ignoring the fact that they're getting married on tv. I just hope they're getting paid well for that, but knowing Rob, I bet they are.

  4. No way, these colors are great!