Who Else Is Going Away?

Soupie (of the BBQ Daycare) has announced a summer hiatus. So, I need to know, who else is planning on taking the summer off?

Because I'm going to update my blogroll sooner or later (and add new-to-me blogs like Injustice Anywhere). So, if you're going to hit the road (for the summer at least), or if you think you've got a blog or blawg that I'd like, let me know.

Or forever hold your peace. Or something like that.


  1. Nah, I'll be around - have to keep up my fantasy baseball team!

    I would, however, be greatly humbled if you'd visit my blog :) From PD to PD (and more importantly Tino fan to Tino fan), I think you'd like it.

    I've been known to be wrong.

  2. First, happy blog birthday! Second, while I should take a blogging hiatus to do a little studying for the bar and catching up in fantasy baseball, I'll be blogging like a champ this summer.

  3. Feel free to check out my blog. I only have smatterings of work-related legal things, but you might find something that interests you. I enjoy reading yours!!

  4. I'll be around, if for no other reason that blogging helps my sanity and with the Bar coming up, I need all the help I can get.

  5. Thanks for adding me to your links! I will be around for the summer, too.

  6. www.emorylawstudent.com

    Hey ... I think I'm funny.