Runaway Bride Indicted

What took them so long?

Ham sandwich, people! Ham sandwich!


  1. I agree with you on the fate of the runaway bride, but I must be missing something here... ham sandwich?

  2. Dude, she is freaking skinny-looking in that picture... She really could use a ham sandwich.

  3. From the New York Daily News, January 31, 1985, pg. 3:

    New top state judge: Abolish
    grand juries & let us decide
    IN A BID to make prosecutors more accountable for their actions, Chief Judge Sol Wachtler has proposed that the state scrap the grand jury system of bringing criminal indictments.

    Wachtler, who became the state’s top judge earlier this month, said district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”

  4. My question is, how come they're indicting her in Georgia? Her false statement and report was made in New Mexico. Can they even charge her in Georgia?

  5. Yeah that is my question too. Does Georgia even have jurisdiction for statements made to New Mexico 911. It's my understanding that the interview was done with New Mexico cops so the entire thing is in New Mexico.

  6. I posted here about the issue of jurisdiction.

  7. While she did make a false statement to the NM 911 operator, she also called her fiancee in Georgia and the police chief was on the line during that call. AJC:

    "When Wilbanks contacted authorities in New Mexico, she said she had been abducted from Duluth by a Hispanic man and a white woman. The couple drove her to Albuquerque in a blue van, she said, stopping once along the way to sexually assault her.

    She repeated the story in a call to her fiancé's house.

    Mason told Wilbanks he was going to put Duluth Police Chief Randy Belcher on the phone, and when Belcher took the phone, he also identified himself to her, Porter said."

  8. Jen, very interesting. That looks like a much cleaner way to make the case.