Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday, Blonde Justice Posted by Hello

Your Birthdate: May 15

With a birthday on the 15th of any month, you are apt to have really strong attachments to home, family and domestic scene.

The 1 and 5 equaling 6, provide the sort of energy that makes you an excellent parent or teacher.

You are very responsible and capable.

This is an attractive and an attracting influence.

You like harmony in your environment and strive to maintain it.

You tend to learn by observation rather than study and research.

You may like to cook, but you probably don't follow recipes.

This number shows artistic leanings and would certainly support an talents that may be otherwise in your makeup.

You're a very generous and giving person, but perhaps a bit stubborn in ways.

I've actually had a rough blog birthday. First, there was something wrong with the internet this morning. The jack, the router, the computer... I don't know. And then, finally, I got that back on, and now, the counter that's been counting visitors since my very first visit is down for the first time in a year. So, I would've have liked to tell you how many visitors I've had in the past year, but I don't know. If it comes back up today, I'll fill you in. If it comes back up tomorrow, then you'll know how many visitors I had in a year and a day - as if that's important.

UPDATE: 42,281 Unique Visitors in one year! (But I think you're all unique.)

It's been a good year. We've had some fun, you've given some good advice, we've debated and commiserated. So, thank you for a good year.

And, in celebration, let's all get together tonight for some pretty pink drinks. After the Survivor finale, of course.


  1. Hi! Um, first of all, happy blog birthday! :)
    This is really random but I was wondering if you could tell me what the etiquette is for placing other people's blog links in your own blog. Do you normally ask for permission or can you just add them? I'm a blog virgin so I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I really enjoy reading your site.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mom.


    Your Illegitimate Blog Child

  4. LSDU - I think the etiquette on adding a blog link to your own site is just go for it! Most bloggers would be flattered that you like their blog enough to link to it.

  5. Happy Birthday! 8 in a row and counting!