Grammar for Heiresses

You'd think that if your parents could afford to send you to the best schools in the world, you'd end up with better English than this.

(No offense, Paris. You know I think you're hot.)


  1. Good point, but I actually think Paris is a high school dropout. (She may have gotten her GED; I think I read she was planning to do that.)

  2. Well, I didn't know that. But, still, it's not like "you're" and "your" is something they save for the last day of senior year.

    Or, at the very least, get someone to proofread your t-shirt!

    (I just tried to go to the photo and it wasn't working. So, in case you're wondering what I was talking about, it's a picture of Paris Hilton wearing a t-shirt she designed. The front says "That's Hot" and the back says "Your not." I'll work on finding another photo.)