Friday Spies

Am I the only one still in town? It seems everyone else has disappeared. Well, since I don't have much else to say, I'll take a stab at the Friday Spies (copyright BTQ):

1. What is the best thing about the city in which you live? What is the worst? The best thing: The people, the community. I've made a lot of friends and I'd be sad to leave if I ever ended up moving. (At least a small possibilty in the near future.) The worst thing: It's a little too urban, a little too much trash on the sidewalks, that can be an inconvenience. But it's worth it, I like it here.

2. Describe an idea or invention of yours that you would like to seeturned into reality. I actually have an idea that I'm going to try to patent or trademark or copyright or something. I e-mailed a real patent lawyer, and he advised me not to tell anyone about it to protect my rights. So I'm not telling. And, not that this is part of the question, but I have had a lot of ideas that have been turned into reality later (by others), and I've lost out on that windfall I deserved. Not this time though, I'm preserving my rights.

3. Name an overrated author, musician, and movie. Name an underratedauthor, musician, and movie. Overrated author: Ayn Rand. I tried, it just sucks. Overrated musician: Joss Stone. Everyone loves her, I just don't get it. Overrated movie: All of those Star Wars movies. Sorry, just don't see the appeal.

Underrated author: Janet Evanovich. Oh, c'mon, don't look at me like I'm supposed to be reading "literature." Underrated musician: Carbon Leaf. I love it, but it doesn't seem that they much recognition. Underrated movie: I'm trying to think... most of the movies I liked were well-received... how about For The Love of The Game with Kevin Costner? I think it got mediocre-at-best reviews but was actually pretty cute.

4. If your life were a sitcom slated to air in the fall, what would the show be called? Who would you cast in the starring role? And for extra credit, give us a brief treatment of the show. Duh, of course the show would be called Blonde Justice! I'd probably be most interested in casting a new young actress, but I think I would be looking for someone kind of Kirsten Dunst-ish. And for extra credit, you know, It'd be this cute but spazzy blonde - she's spilling her Starbucks on herself but she makes these great arguments to the jury, She'd try interesting cases (nothing as serious as L&O or as outlandish as The Practice, just real cases where the clients are characters), dealing with crazy clients, charming (almost) everyone she meets, and trying to deal with her life outside of the courthouse, which she actually has a harder time relating to. And maybe she has this online not-quite-"alter"-ego, and she tries to avoid being discovered. (Producers, feel free contact me so we can start working on this!)

(And just so you know, she was going to have some sort of special powers, like Bewitched or Medium or something, but I edited that out.)

5. When is the fun supposed to start? Now! What are we waiting for? (I know this is a movie reference, but sorry, never saw it.)


  1. Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary

    One of my favortie songs of all times - and I agree, I think they're wwwaaayyyy underrated.

  2. That Carbon Leaf single's getting a hell of a lot of airtime where I live. They won't be underrated for long.

  3. I love Kirsten Dunst. But I think it would be boring if she had a secret online alter ego. Instead, she should have a secret crime-fighting alter ego! She could wear her pink cape and mask and prevent crimes on the streets, and then give stirring speeches to the would-be criminals about how they can turn their lives around. But she's so successful at this that she starts to put herself out of a job as a PD! What is she to do? Tune in next week to... Blonde Justice!