Every-Other-Friday Spies

Look! I'm doing the Friday Spies! On a Friday! Actually, I was thinking, they should call this the every-other-Friday-spies. Since that seems to be when I do it. Ok, anyway, here goes...

1. What is a food you have tried but will never eat again, and what don't you like about it? I have tried (a few times, actually) sushi and sashimi, and I just do not like it, Sam I Am. What don't I like about it? Eh, the whole experience of eating cold fish, I guess. The only part I like is the wasabi. WASABI! I have come to the conclusion that although I love fish, I like it fully cooked and served warm.

2. What are your five favorite possessions? Wow... I don't think I'm a big material possessions girl, so this is tough... I feel like I shouldn't just name my 5 most expensive possessions, but that I should instead choose items with sentimental value, but I don't think that I hold my memories tied to material objects. (You could throw away all of my photo albums, and that'd stink, but I'd be ok with it - I've still got my memories, and that's what's most important.) Ok, so here goes: I have two teddy bears that I've had for a long time and they're very important to me, so they're the first two. My car - it's old, but it gets me where I gotta go. My laptop (and the wireless router - that counts as one) - without which you all wouldn't be reading this. And last, but not least, my big bed. Which is warm and comfy and always there for me when I need it most. Man, I love that bed.

3. How do you deal with confrontation? Do you seek it out or do you avoid it? Are you more apt to be the confronter or the confronted? I'm generally a non-confrontational person. I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. Sometimes I'll spend time after the fact thinking, "I should have said something," but generally I err on the side of silence. This is in my personal life. Professionally, I'll confront anyone on behalf of my clients.

4. What will Michael Jackson be doing five years from now? Probably living at his ranch, having little boys sleeping in his bed. Except they'll be even younger. Like, infants or something. C'mon, what do you expect from a California jury?

5. What is the worst movie sequel ever made, what is the best sequel ever, and what movie should have had a sequel but didn't? First, I should say that for a very long time I was anti-"sequel movies." I never saw any Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Rocky movies, Indiana Jones movies... basically, my philosophy was that (1) they all seemed like geeky, guy flicks (not "geeky guy" flicks, but geeky flicks and/or guy flicks. Ok, fine, and geeky guy flicks). So, now I've seen a few sequel movies, like Legally Blonde & Legally Blonde and Friday & Next Friday, and the Harry Potter movies.

Which reminds me, I think I'll pick the most recent Harry Potter movie (Prisoner of Azkaban) as my favorite movie sequel. Not that it's the "best" - I haven't seen ton of sequels - but I can vote for it as a favorite.

I feel like maybe Legally Blonde 2 was the worst sequel. Not that it was horrible, but just because the originally was one of my all-time favorite movies (of course!), so I was disappointed by the sequel.

Dude Where's My Car, should have a sequel, but doesn't (so far) - that was a great movie. I'd also like to see a sequel of The Incredibles. I feel like there were other movies or other movie characters where I felt like "Gee, I loved that, I wonder what ever happened to them..." but I just can't think of them right now. Maybe I'll update this if I do. But, in general, I think that if something is a great movie, I don't want there to be a sequel, because I don't want it to ruin my impression of the original movie. For example, Amelie, one of my favorite movies of all time. But if there were a sequel, maybe that would somehow take something away from the movie I loved so much.


  1. I thought that last Harry Potter movie kinda sucked. The first two were tight storytelling but that last one was flawed. It just didn't pace well.

  2. Friday Spies is weak. I don't know why people do it. FWIW, I'd much rather see a real post.

  3. Worst: police academy 5
    Best: Godfather 3 and Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets. Needs a sequel: Slapshot

  4. Ack! Dude where's my car was a good movie?

    You absolutely must check out Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

    It's everything Dude Where's My Car should've been, and wasn't.

  5. Legally Blonde sequel was no where near as good as the first film...... however no fears people as the legally blonde MUSICAL will soon be coming to London!! and this is definately bound to be better than both films! I cannot wait..... check out the website :


    its great and you can also sign up to the free newsletters about the upcoming show.....

    Any views on the show? Did anyone see it in New York?