Are Horns A "Look?"

Well, Brandon fans, it looks like your going to have to settle for Dylan or... what were those two dorkier guys called? That rapper wannabe was David Silver, right? And what about the curly blonde haired guy? Anyway, Jason Priestly got married (again).

The more important story here, though, is the 'do. What's up with that? Do you think he went to the stylist and said "I want something just a little 'satanic?'"

And what's wrong with the woman he's marrying? What kind of wife is she going to be if she can't say "Honey, your devil horns are sticking up again?"

This marriage is doomed.


  1. I loved that show...and a very long time ago he was really hot. Now he looks a bit bloated...and indeed, a bit satanic. Dylan looks equally bad...he is doing commercials on BRAVO. So sad....

  2. Love your blog by the way!

  3. *sigh* I always did think Brandon was way better looking than 40-year-old Dylan McKay. Too bad about that 'do.

  4. I think we're all getting carried away with Jason's "Devil Horn Do."

    The glaring omission in all of your comments is..."Who the hell is that hot chick Jason hooked up with?" The REAL important question is why this....this...Angel (for lack of a better word), Naomi Lowde, married that bloated old actor.

    As you were...sorry for piping in.

  5. Two makeup artists in a row...weird.