The One Where I Write About TV

Work has been exciting and busy, but not really blog-able, so instead I will write about what I know second best... TV.

A lot of my favorite shows are done forever (Newlyweds) or for the season (Monk, Real World Philadelphia, Ashlee Simpson) or until who knows when (Foster's, Harvey Birdman). This gives me time to check out new shows (and to watch baseball). Also, in an amazing turn of events, I now get every cable channel. Which means I have a lot of movie viewing to catch up on. And you can read about it all right here.

Anyway, here are a few of the shows that I'm newly interested in.

Intervention - This A&E show is a documentary which includes addicts of every type (drug, shopping, gambling, self mutilation), follows the addict to show how their problem effects their life, contains interviews with families and friends, and then, finally, the addict is confronted at an intervention. The addict has the difficult choice of going into treatment immediately or having all ties to the intervening families and friends severed. The families and friends, with the help of an "interventionist," have the difficult task of sticking with the intervention plan. It's an interesting show - some of the addicts have been really receptive to the idea of treatment, while others are more resistant.

One criticism that I read of the show was that it glosses over the treatment process and instead implies that once a person decides to go into treatment, the hard part is done. I don't agree, I think that Intervention admittedly focuses on only one part of the recovery process.

Some of the addicts have come from highly successful and promising backgrounds - one was a White House intern, another lost his million dollar home and was living on rooftops. To me, the most fascinating part is the familial relationships and how they are effected by the addiction. Although I know it's much more complicated that this, it's also frustrating to see how far their families have "let" them go. In one episode, a 20-something guy's parents had sold their home to cover their son's gambling debts, and although he continued to gamble, his parents had a difficult time standing up to him at an intervention.

Showdogs Moms & Dads - Bravo, the network that brought you Showbiz Moms & Dads, now presents this hit which brings "Best in Show" to reality TV. Basically, all of these crazy dog owners obsess over their dogs (mating them, training them to jump through hoops, and dressing them in tutus) and their own dreams of glory in winning a dog show title. No matter how pathetic your life is, this show is guaranteed to make you happy that at least you're not that big of a loser. My favorite is definitely the woman who is always looking for an opportunity to say the word "bitch." Referring to her female dog, of course.

Trippin' - Cameron Diaz (I can never tell. Is she stoned or not?) takes other celebrity friends on trips around the world in an eco-tourism, learn-about-other-cultures, and learn-about-global-issues show mixed with the celebrity-reality-tv genre, aimed to bring National Geographic's Worlds Apart to the MTV audience. Worlds Apart (there's another show for the "who knows when it will return" list) was better, but Trippin' is cute enough to be deemed worth watching.

The Stair Case - Yet another documentary, this one on Sundance Channel follows the real life case of Michael Peterson and the mystery surrounding the death of his wife in Durham, N.C. If you know how it ends, don't tell me. I'm doing everything I can to resist google-ing the case as it is. This is fascinating, especially because it gives me an opportunity to see how people with money can work up a case. Focus Groups? Re-enactments? Henry Lee? Must be nice.

Alright, go set up your TiVo-brand digital recording device. I'll try to have more written here by the time you get back.


  1. nothing about grey's anatomy? what abc (or is it cbs) hails the best new show of the season? actually, it is quite awesome--add it to your viewing list. nice eye candy too!

  2. I wrote a whole comment on Intervention and shocking, Blogger ate it.

    I think Intervention is a great show because it really does not glamourize addiction at all (unlike other shows) and shows how harmful it is for the person and their family and friends.

  3. I feel your pain on the Birdman, I think the antici......pation is the worst part. I guess ATHF reruns will have to tide me over.


  4. I love Grey's Anatomy. And ALIAS. And Desperate Housewives.

    That's about all I watch so far as tv goes.....

    Then there's Netflix.