Image Hosting

Now that I'm finally figuring out the digital camera, I'd like some suggestions for a free or cheap digital photo hosting and/or organizing website.

I'm envisioning something that allows me to organize my photos into something like albums, so that my family and friends can look through them.

Anyone have one they want to endorse?


  1. I've been using, which I found out about through a professional photographer who uses it. It costs $30/year for a standard account which includes 4GB/month bandwidth and unlimited storage.

    Here's a link to some of my photos so you can how they look.

    I like smugmug because I (or a visitor if I allow) can order prints. The prints look good and are available in the correct 3:4 aspect ratio for digital images instead of being sized for 35mm film like most sites I've seen.

    You can also use them to host photos for your blog. At your traffic rate, I figure you could have about 300K of graphics per page.

  2. If you aren't interested in order paper prints, I'd recommend FLICKR

    My page is

  3. flickr flickr flickr flickr

    You can: host images, organize them into albums, comment on photos (yours and other people's), make little notes in yours and other's photos, post photos directly to your website with two little clicks, post other people's photos directly to your website, keep track of your favorite pictures that you and others post... I could go on and on.

    Word on the street is that print ordering capability is coming to Flickr soon. You do have a bandwidth and storage limit for free accounts, so you would have to look at it as a limited engagement host for family albums. A pro account is something like $40 for a year (I think) and is well worth it if you can swing it.

    Here are my flickr photos.

  4. *sigh* That was me, frm.

  5. As far as low tech (i.e. easy and free) goes, I use (which used to be ofoto). I haven't had a storage problem yet because I'm just sharing with family and friends, and the prints are high quality, cheap, and can be cropped and airbrushed fairly easily.

    I've used hello to host pictures to post on blogs, and it's a huge pain.

  6. Flickr would have been my other suggestion. If you don't need printing, they'll do fine. They also have the advantage of being the most well-known photo hosting service, which means they're more likely than most competition to still be around in five years.

    I've used Kodak Gallery, and they seemed more oriented toward printing than sharing. But their prints are very good.

  7. Hey, blondie, check your gmail account listed on your comcast page for a present, if you're interested.


  8. Woo Hoo! WOW, frm, you rock!

    Thanks so much!
    I love gifts! And Suprises! =)

    And now all of my photo page problems are solved!

  9. I use Flickr, Ofoto, and Shutterfly.