Friday Spies

I will definitely be answering the Friday Spies this week (courtesy of Milbarge at BTQ), particularly beacuse one of the questions is particularly relevant for me today. Here we go...

1. Have you ever been in a car wreck? Yes, unfortunately. First, when I was in 6th grade, my best friend and I went to the school dance and we thought it was very very cool that her older sister, who was in high school, was going to pick us up from the dance. (While everyone else had to get in their moms' minivans.) It turns out that their father was right in saying that she wasn't ready to drive by herself, and, basically, someone else pulled out in front of her and she just didn't stop. Not really her fault, but in retrospect, her inexperience as a driver may have been a factor - I don't know if a more experienced driver could've avoided the accident. No one was hurt (I had a bruise on my hip from the seatbelt), but my best friend's sister got in big trouble for taking the car out by herself at night, which was against dad's rules.

And the second and last "wreck" (we're not counting fender benders here) was exactly six years ago today, on April 1st. I was on a rainy wet road (there was actually a tornado!), trying to pull a jammed tape out of a tape player, and I completely rear-ended the car in front of me and totalled my car. It was bizarre for many reasons. First, a tornado is kind of bizarre. It hit about a block from where I had my accident. Second, I was just running out for something and was more or less wearing my pajamas (I think I had on a t-shirt, boxer shorts, and had pulled a sweatshirt over the ensemble) - to this day, I will not drive even a block without getting fully dressed. So, I'm hanging out waiting for the police in my pjs. Then, the driver I hit was about 90 years old and he told me that he had just had open heart surgery the week before, and he had the oxygen tube under his nose. But he was calm and polite to me. When the police came a half-hour later, he decided that he wanted to go to the hospital because, even though he felt fine, he wanted to get his heart checked out. But the cop kept telling me, "You'd better hope he doesn't die. You're looking at a vehicular homicide here." WTF? In the end, I didn't even get a ticket. (The "good cop" showed up and decided that since there was a tornado, the accident was probably out of my control.) And, then, finally, I called my parents, scared to death that I was going to be arrested for vehicular homicide or something, and my mother said, "Blonde, I don't have time for your April Fools" and hung up. How's that for a good story?

2. Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise. It probably means more to me because I'm just not up to see it that often.

3. If you could change, amend, delete, or pass one law, what would it be? Just one law? But there are so many things that need changing! But I guess if I only got one, I'd get rid of the death penalty. We don't really need to act so barbaric, do we?

4. What is your favorite single article of clothing? Do sandals count as clothing? I love my plain tan 2-strap sandals. Aaah, with jeans, with a sundress, with anything, that's my favorite. If sandals don't count, I've got a comfy white tank-top that I love, I wear with suits, with jeans, with anything. Maybe jeans, that's a common thread here. Oh wait, the question said "single." Oops.

5. If you could/had to spend the day hanging out with another blogger (one you don't already know), who would it be and what would you do? I'm not sure who, but I think I'd have to pick another defense attorney, because there's nothing I love more than exchanging war stories and hearing how these things work in the rest of the country. I've decided on alaskablawg, because I'm also kind of fascinated with Alaska and this whole rural-living thing. And moose.


  1. I think the government hires these old people to drive around in the morning and create traffic. What could they possibly have to do? Could you people please just stay in until about 9:30 and let us all get to work. And what's with all of them driving around with oxygen tanks now? That can't be safe. My theory is that unless you're walking on the surface of Mars you shouldn't be lugging your own air around.
    The funniest old person I ever saw driving was this old lady as I was getting off at Exit 13W. For some reason, she was comming the wrong way down the off ramp and as me and my friend yelled at her so she wouldn't drive headfirst into the oncomming traffic she made an angry face and waved a fist at us. I often wonder what happened to her?

  2. As a former Alaskan, I can say that if you were to move to Alaska (without your boyfriend) you would be quite popular. Even if you were ugly.

  3. Wow, that's just one of those comments that I'm just not sure how to respond to. Um, okay, thanks. =)

  4. Come on up! This is a great state, as you might imagine I would say. Anonymous's comments are certainly not indicative of Alaskan manners, although we do tend to be rather straight forward. I think you would be popular because you are thoughtful and friendly with a live and let live attitude, which would fit in really well up here.

    Seriously, if you ever think of coming up, let me know because I would be more than happy to direct you to some places that you really should see. The Kenai (pronounced "key-nigh", although I don't know why) Fjords Tour, while heavily marketed to tourists, should be on your list. White water rafting and sea kayaking are also something you should consider. Plan for several days to make sure that clouds do not impede a good view of Denali, known as Mt. McKinley to outsiders. Anything in Southeast is breathtakingly beautiful. If you enjoy fishing, I could point you in the right direction depending on whether you like fresh water or salt water fishing, fly or spinning.

    If it is bears or moose you want to see, take a flight seeing tour, although there are no guarantees up here. Further, the weather can turn bad quickly so plan on spending several days. And if you're interested, I could show you around to some court houses, but believe me, courts are probably the last thing you would want to see.

    Alaskablawgger (having to post as anonymous because I use typepad, not blogger)