Friday Moaning - Again

Lately it seems like work just gets to me a lot more on Friday. I'm not sure why. You would think that by Friday nothing would bother me and I'd be able to see the light and the end of the workweek - but, lately, by Friday, I've just been sick of everyone's crap.

Like, how about this... today I get a message from a client's girlfriend (or, at least that's what she said). This client, her boyfriend, is incarcerated. Actually, I got the message this morning, but she left it in the middle of the night last night. This is, to the best of my recollection, the message:

Hi, Miss Justice? This is "girlfriend". Mr. Client's girlfriend. Yeah, I was wondering if you could call me back at like two o'clock tomorrow and leave a message here and could you just tell me what Client's real name is because they want to know that. Thanks.

What? First, as far as I'm concerned, my clients' name is whatever they tell me their names are. Second, you're his girlfriend, shouldn't you know his names? Can't you just ask him yourself and leave me alone? And third, who are "they" that want to know? And why would I want to help you tell "them?" And fourth - and most importantly - you didn't leave a phone number so you're not getting a callback.

On a Monday, that kind of thing amuses me. By Friday, it just annoys the hell out of me.

But now I'm home and the week is over, and now I can relax and focus on next week, when I will hopefully be on trial.

Other things that have cheered me up?
  • A yummy yummy dinner of a grilled-up-to-make-it-melty peanut butter and banana sandwich. Don't knock it till you've tried it.
  • Seeing my friend's little baby tonight. What a cutie. Way cuter than any of your friend's kids.
  • Finding out that my other friend, who is due in May, is going to have a girl. A girl for whom I will be buying this t-shirt. (If you're easily offended, you do not want to check out the rest of their t-shirt collection. Otherwise, check away, it's pretty amusing.)
  • Going through this weird phase of watching Da Ali G show reruns all the time. Thank you Tivo! (Hey, there's another thing that's not for the easily offended.)
  • Knowing that I am can sleep late tomorrow. And so help me God if anyone tries to do construction work outside my window tomorrow morning. Those construction workers don't want to see me mad. And if the drug dealer upstairs opens up early for business, I won't hesitate to call the Narcotics Squad.

    Believe that yo.

    p.s. Maybe I'll get around to do the Friday Spies (which seem like they're going to require a lot more thought than I can handle right now), maybe I won't. Maybe I'll do it by Saturday, like I did last week. Stay tuned to find out.

    1. The number of people, victims and witnesses alike, of both sexes, who identify someone as a boyfriend or girlfriend or even their fiance or fiancee and don't know their significant other's actual name is just amazing. Especially when you aks how long they have known the SO and are told "three or four months."

      Try explaining to an irate young lady that we're going to need more than "Tommy" to track down the guy who stole her heart and then her wallet.

    2. The joy of grilled peanut butter & banana sandwiches! I had one just the other day. So glad to hear someone else besides Elvis has discovered their wholesome yumminess (I get almost as much crap for eating them as for drinking rootbeer mixed half & half with milk - so good).