Excuse my language, but...

What's the deal with "Fuckin' A?"

Have you heard this before? Am I spelling it right - maybe it's "fuckin' aye?" What does the "A" stand for?

And most importantly, what does it mean?

I ask this because I've heard people say it to mean both "Right on!" and "That sucks!" Is it possible that this is an all-purpose dirty word phrase?

What's the deal with that?


  1. I always understood it to be like a "yeah!" or "right on!" substitute. But maybe it's more multi-purpose than I thought. But if you mean it as "that sucks!" it might be more like the empathetic "Yeah, I know what you mean" instead of the "Yeah I totally agree!!! Whoo hoo!!"

    But I like to overanalyze things.

  2. I've only heard it used to mean "that sucks," and have always vaguely assumed the "A" stood for Asshole, and that the abbreviation turns an expletive that would only make sense directed at a person (such as the moron who just cut in front of me on my way out of Boston) into an expletive that can also be directed at a situation.

    So no, I don't have a clue either, nor have I ever really thought about it.

    Straight Dope says the expression has been around for a long time, and thinks it's an abbreviation for "you bet your fucking ass."

  3. My parents, with the vocabulary of sailors, taught me to use it as a "gosh darn it" substitute. That's how I do.
    - Womanofthelaw

  4. From the Online Slang Dictionary fucking-A 1. an intensifier. Can be used alone or in a sentence. The "-A" is a long A. ("You're fucking-A right you're going to pay for damages!")


    So I guess the all-purpose dirty word phrase hypothesis sticks.


    P.S. Blogger ate this comment twice. Fuckin' A.