Drug Problem

Yesterday, I went to court on a case where my client had been sentenced to complete a drug program as part of his case. That was about a year ago, and in the past year she's done a lot to get herself clean and stay clean.

For the past year, she's come to court about once a month, to show documentation from the program. I usually meet up with her in the hallway, I ask how things are going, she says good, she shows me the paperwork from the program, I read it over to make sure it's all good, I show it to the judge, and she gets a date to come back the following month. Over the course of the year, I've also heard updates on her family, her job search, and how she's progressed in getting an education. It's finally been a year, and yesterday was my client's last update at the court.

"Well, since it's my last day, you don't think the judge will care if I had a positive urine?"
"What?" I was shocked. After a year of staying clean, and just when it was finally going to be over...

"April Fools!"

She really had me going for a minute there.

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