Tourney Blogging

While I just can't write a "tourney blogging" entry as in depth as some of the other blogs (um, because I don't actually watch the games), I can say that I am totally rocking my March madness bracket thingy.

That's what happens when you pick your teams completely at random.

"Vermont? I went there on vacation. It was pretty. I'll pick that one."
"Bucknell Bison? That's so funny. As if they have bison in Pennsylvania. Does any state still have bison? Ah, that one just sounds funny. I pick that."

And the boyfriend said there's no way my Bison would beat Kansas! Oh yeah? How far did your charts and analysis and college basketball magazines get you this year?


  1. So far, first place in three of my paid you'd better hope that my charts and magazines helped if you want gifts.

  2. Although I've been watching all the games and have plenty to say, I also can't write about it.

    I'm in tears over Syracuse and Kansas dropping early. I can barely read the screen right now. I had both in the Final Four with Kansas winning the Tournament.

    The best sporting event in America and I can't enjoy it.

  3. Yeah, I'm one of those folks who watched hundreds of games during the regular season, and of course my bracket is already blown. Oh well.... I still enjoy the games. Good luck with the Bison!

  4. Yes, Pennsylvania has Bison, although they do not roam free. If you do see them, they are on farms.

    The Bison was a gift to the University, and it became their mascot.