Thumbs Up?

Alright, who went to see The Pacifier this weekend?

Because, what I'm wondering is... Am I going to enjoy it if I really only am going to see it just to look at Vin Diesel?

I've never really been a Vin Diesel fan before, but I saw the trailer and thought, "Ok, I might need to go see that."

And I'm going to have a rough week. (I'm on trial again.) So, I figured I might need to fit in a good movie at some point. Or, at least a good-looking movie.

I deserve it.


  1. You definitely deserve it! I have two posters of Vin Diesel on my wall. Grrrrrrowl. He's a hottie. But a horrid actor (in everything except Boiler Room). I want to see Vin half-dressed and handing out beat-downs. Not sure how I feel about him driving a mini-van.

  2. Ummmm . . . I went to see it because Lauren Graham is in it (not enough though). The movie is your basic old time Disney type. Not much to it. A little humor, overblown bad guys, and an extremely predictable plot. Still, not terrible matinee fare.

    The best part of it was the trailer for a new Herbie movie. When I was a youngin my parents used to drag me to all of them. I think I'm going to have to go see this one on principle.

  3. Ebert and Roper HATED it. And because I'm too busy to make my own movie choices, I pretty much go by what they say.

    I'd re-rent XXX and go see something else.

  4. I shorted this on the Holywood Stock Exchange Game ( and it killed me over the weekend. I thought, "Who the hell is going to see this bad, already been done movie?" Is Vin Diesel actually good looking? What on Earth was he thinking doing this instead of XXX 2? Of course it made 30 million so either I'm mistaken or you're all sheep.

  5. Pleeease don't see The Pacifier...if only to stop the insanity that is allowing Vin (what his close friend's call him) to continue making money acting.

    Suuure...I dislike him mostly because i'm a bit jealous.

    I do admit to being curious to see what he looks like with hair.

  6. Good Lord, Vin Diesel is hot. The opposing counsel in one of my big cases recently was a dead ringer for Vin Diesel and it made it sooooo difficult to concentrate on work. Yow.