Things I Wish My Clients Knew (Part 3)

Don't kill judges. Or any other court staff, for that matter.

It certainly won't make things better for you. It'll most likely make things worse.

From what I've read, he was only on trial for rape, sodomy, burglary, false imprisonment, and gun and drug possession.. I say "only" not because these aren't serious crimes, but because the penalty is certainly is less serious than for a triple-murder. Right?

And, to make it worse, this was his second trial for the charges. The last jury hung. Which tells me that he had at least a chance of beating the charges.

One last thing - I've noticed that a few of the news stories (including this one) contain quotes from James Bailey, one of the jurors. Now, I think it's a safe assumption that this trial is over, and these jurors are excused. After all, the judge is dead and the defendant is missing. But I'd also guess that the judge's last instruction to the jury was probably not to discuss the case with anyone. And I don't think anyone reconvened the jury to tell them that they were excused between the shooting and when the reporters showed up. Yet, this juror is going around and giving quotes. Just thought it was interesting, that's all.

But, anyway, that's something I wish my clients knew. You'd think it'd go without saying, but I guess it doesn't really. And, truth is, the clients that need this kind of advice the most are probably the least likely to take it.

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  1. you know, over here at mortimer's house, we were wondering, who is going to defend this guy now? I mean, I understand the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, but it happened INSIDE the freakign courtroom, so I'm guessing the witnesses are pretty reliable....

    Mortimer's Dad, who is a non-practicing-lawyer, says he just wouldn't be able to defend this guy....