Tax Season

My boyfriend did my taxes tonight.

(Just for the record, I did not go directly from having my mother do my taxes to having my boyfriend do my taxes. I did my own for a few years there. And I got huge rebates those years. Whether that's because I was in college, or because I was doing it all wrong, I'll never know.)

Anyway, when he was all done, he let me know the good news. I'm getting a rebate! $43. Not much, but still. It's better than owing.

Then came the hard part. He asked me, "How do you want that?"

It's funny because sometimes I'll stop by the bank to withdraw $20 so that I'll have some lunch money, and they'll ask me, "How you do want that?" And, ha ha, I'm so funny, I always say, "Hundreds?"

Anyway, the boyfriend asked if I wanted them to mail me a check, or if I wanted to give my bank information and get a deposit...

"Hmm... How about a Starbucks card? Could you get them to send it to me on a Starbucks card?"

"That wasn't one of the options."

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  1. I am glad you're posting again. I'll have to put you back on my list, you are so funny!